Pick off larger leaves during flowering

A question from a fellow grower:

Should i pick off the larger leafs during the flowering stage to allow light into the center of the plant.

No, your larger leaves act as photosynthesis recievers, and collect energy from the light to help your plant grow


Try moving them into the background.

They are essential to the plants health. You WILL stress your plant at the wrong time. Stress is never good. If the plant recovers, you will have lost time while it recovers, hurt your plant (love it, it will respond), maybe even cause it to produce male flowers.

Side lighting, move the plants to get the light to different areas.

Or use a piece of reflective Mylar to get it to reflect where the light needs to go, a roll of Mylar is 25-$30

We advise that you gently fold them out of the way. I use side lighting with a 250 watt HPS when canopy gets so think that light penetration becomes an issue.

Good answers guys! :slight_smile:

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