Physical growth before going into flowering phase

I have had two quite different experience with my outdoor growing; wondering if you have some idea as to the reason.
I germinated three purple haze early December last year and exactly 8 weeks later they started to produce flowers by which time they grown into large plants.
In the next round I germinated few Afghan and Durban Poison in mid January but these ones started the flowering phase only after 6 weeks and the problem is that these ones are still small plants, I would have preferred them to start flowering after they were big plants like the first ones.
All grown outdoor.
Do you think this different is due to season? I am in Australia.
Thanks for your help

Where I live the number of hours of daylight fall below 13 hours a day in early to mid August. The increasing number of hours of darkness triggers the flowering and therefore, with 8-10 weeks of flowering the plants are always done mid to late October. It doesn’t matter when I start them. If I want bigger plants (I do) I start plants indoors and veg until May when it’s warm enough to plant outdoors, AND there are too few hours of darkness to trigger them into flowering.

I don’t know what your local sun situation is where you live, but is it possible the number of dark hours is triggering the flowering?


I believe you hit your longest day at some point in December there. The daylight time starts dropping at that point, and will eventually trigger plants to flower. What you’re seeing is just lack of maturity in your plants prior to them flowering. In most cases plants from seed have to be about 4-5 weeks before they will flower. Then there is a short period of time between when that starts happening and you can physically see the flowers forming.

I believe the difference in time you had fro one grow to the next was just because the plants were planted earlier. If you had started them in November would have more than likely been 12 weeks instead of 8 weeks.

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Well, I guess our March is equivalent to your August.
What happens if I grow them on first of Spring? Do they continue to grow for 6 months until Autumn where they start flowering?

Does it mean that if next year I start them even earlier, e.g. September which is the first month of Spring here, I will end up with gigantic plants that have not started flowering yet until March which is Autumn?


Would love to do a DP outdoor grow. I’ve tried it indoors and DP was a struggle (for me, anyways.) I’ve read that DP prefers to be outside.

It did great for me back in my outdoor days… And the smoke… i loved it, such a smooth sativa sailing, it was wake and bake with that strain, caring me through the day.

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Yes, make sure they get at least 13h of daylight.

And read up about photoperiod of cannabis. It’s kind of basic knowledge for growing Marihuana.

March 20/21 and Sept 20/21 are the equinoxes on earth. We’re on different hemispheres so flip the schedule

I start my outdoor seeds indoors in mid March - usually a week or two before the spring equinox. Aka this weekend.

My plants start flowering in mid-late august and harvest is Octoberish usually 4-5 weeks after the fall equinox.

I’ve never grown in Oz but flip the script… germinate in first or second week of September, put em outdoors 6-8weeks later depending on your last frost date. They should flower by mid February-ish and be ready to harvest by late April early may if I’m doing my math right.


For the most part. I’m not 100% sure on your exact dates, but I know there are other members from your area of the world that grow outdoors. @Blackmoon maybe could help?


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