Phototron If you are interested in pot this is a must read


I just wanted to give anyone who is interested in pot to get a chance to read this. It is very interesting and I can attest that this was for real. I only got one grow out of mine because of where i was in my life at the time. I really wish I could get one of these now.


I read thru the whole thing and think it would be good background reading for anyone who is interested in pot. I think this is very early in the phototron’s life cycle as when i had mine you didn’t send in stuff to him. that part was gone. but it is the same unit. But the manual that explained all about how pot grows was exceptional. I know that the people around here now do not believe what he wrote, but it is true. I had to keep temp of moss and of air in tron around 90 degrees f and that would keep it from turning male. he said that all plants are female and you can stop them from turning male by keeping the temp up. I remember this because i got an empty refrigerator shipping box to put the phototron in and cut a door in it to keep the temp up there. you started trimming when the third set of leaves showed and you took off one of the leaves to start the branch growing from the side that you didn’t take. you kept doing that the whole time and took the other leaf off from where the branch grew when the branch got to be an inch or two. I had skunk #1 and Hawaiian that i had sent to Amsterdam to get mailed into the states. When i harvested the skunk 3 months later i got two and three quarters of an ounce dried from a plant that was about about `15 inches tall. there was an eighth of an inch between nodes. and it took me less than five minutes a day to trim it. The Hawaiian took up the whole rest of the tron by the time i finished.i got 3 ounces dry but it should have gone flowering for a while yet because they were small buds and they were not ready but we were leaving on a trip to Texas and they had to be harvested. It took 4 hours every day to trim the damn Hawaiian. there was less than a half an inch between nodes on that damn plant.
Anyone who grows a sativa in a tron is a sadist or masochist or one of those things lol. I have traveled a lot for work and have smoked for 50 years. i am an old boy scout. i swear i am not exaggerating. i have never smoked or seen pot that compares to that skunk. I said earlier that there were so much trichomes on the skunk that they were balling up in pea sized balls. I backed away from that because i read up about trichomes (didn’t know to check them for harvest back then just harvested because i had to) and didn’t see how it could be that they would do what i saw, but when i see trichomes balling up in pea sized balls again then i will know that i have pot as good as i grew in the phototron. That is part of my goal in starting again and finding i can’t do phototron, trying to duplicate it or get close to it again.
this guy is not bs’ing. what he did is real. as i remember… the guy who designed the phototron did his doctoral thesis on marijuana. it doesn’t say that in the article, but the article is an anecdotal example of growing using the phototron, not about the guy who designed it per se.


Just a few corrections and observations on this guys phototron experience. (i’m going to shoot some holes in his stuff). You started off with 6 seeds or seedlings and you would keep taking out the lesser plant until you had only one plant left. I got away with two in mine because the skunk was so short, i am not kidding, the Hawaiian took up every other available space in the tron. If i had the situation to try again, i would put three skunk (or any other indica) and grow them thru flower, you would have plenty of room and would get about ten ounces every 3 months. You did not at any time top the plant. I could see the top of the skunk, but i had no idea where the top of the Hawaiian ended up even when i harvested. He said his plant was three feet tall, couldn’t be, the tron was three feet tall, but my Hawaiian could have been 15 ft tall inside there wound around ten times lol. The Phototron used three u shaped twisted florescent grow lights (twisted flor allowed 20% more light. the distance from one side to the other side was only about 15 to 18 inches if i remember right, but that was 30 years ago. I am not going to try to replicate that, but i would think that someone who was astute at growing in hydro might be able to get close to something like this.

btw, I do realize that that was then and this is now, i am reading and submerging myself in this knowledge available to me to get me back to growing good herb. I just wish that you guys were around for this back then, because even a neanderthal can grow pot in a phototron


Interesting! I’m going to have to do some googling and see what it looked like. That was an expensive unit in 1994, but I’m surprised it didn’t catch on or be duplicated later.


In reading other comments on some sites, lots of people didn’t get it to work for them… things like “Bill gave it to Jim cause he couldn’t get it to work. jim gave it to pete who couldn’t get it to work, i think it’s in john’s garage now.” I knew nothing about growing pot and was not very good at plants in the house. but i followed directions diligently and got the best pot i’ve ever smoked or seen. that is why i’m so interested in finding someone who has the original manual because of all the facts about how marijuana grows. @Loneviking btw, it cost me around 900 bucks total in late 80’s when i got mine but i bought the center light and a couple other accessories.