Photos taken one day apart

Found this to be interesting.I took the same photo one day apart.With my old eyes I see a significant amount of new growth in just a 24 hour period.
The plant is of unknown seems to show more purple with each day.Being outdoors with wet weather headed my way Saturday will be its end.


Maybe a little foxtailing?

Stupid question I see that word Fox telling all the time what does it mean is it good or is it bad. I’m really lazy this morning I just got off work and I no I can look it up and figure it out myself where I can just ask you guys

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Looking good Growmie, nice and frosty :love_you_gesture:

@OGIncognito could you possibly take the time this morning to tell me what foxtailing is and if it’s good or bad what it looks like what causes it if you’re not real busy. I appreciate the knowledge as I always do for you. In fact funny story I see myself beating a lot of stuff that I’ve learned from you to other people

Fox tailing is when the calyxes grow on top of each other instead of developing into the typical nice round bud. Heat stress and genetics are the 2 main reasons :love_you_gesture:


Thank you.For an unknown Iam very happy with the final outcome .chopped on Wednesday as rain was in the forecast for Wednesday night.also felled 2 GSCE same day.
As someone said on here,”off to trim jail”.

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Id just trim the sun leaves and leave the sugar leaves until they are dry enough to jar. Then on jar day, give them a haircut and use the trim for butter and make some brownies.