Photos and lights

I have a unknown photo i think I started to grow indoors a little to early about one and a half months now want to move it outdoors but still have about 2 months before I can will it start to flower if the light drops from the 18/6 I have it on now to say 14/10 of light or should I just keep it indoors n move it outdoors when I’m ready to flower

Yes, it will start to flower if you flip the lights to 12/12. Why do you have it set to 14/10? If you move out outside, oit will flower in the Fall when the natural light changes to 12/12. If you want it to flower earlier, you’ll have to do that indoors.

I should have probably proof read first b4 posting lol sorry I have it on 18/6 light cycle now but figuring when I put it outside it will be something on like a 14/10 light cycle for abit till the daylight gets longer but anyways as long as it’s not on a 12/12 it shouldn’t flower even tho the light cycle is shorter then what it is used to but light cycle will be increasing as the days get longer

Yes, exactly. If she’s on 18/6 now, then putting her outside at around 14/10, she should stay in veg, and then start to flower in the Fall.


Cool thaxs


Well … actually 10 hours of dark can trigger flowering. Might want to wait until you have 9.5 hours of dark before setting them out.

You can put it outside now IF you have an outside floodlight you can turn on to keep it from flowering. Does not have to be very bright and you only need to turn it on every night around 11 or midnight for 15 minutes. If the plant does not get darkness for at least 10 hours straight, it will not flower. It’s a hormonal thing and just a few minutes of light undo the flowering hormone.

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