Photoperiod plants

How many photoperiod plants per 5x5 grow tent if they are indica? Sativa? If grown straight up instead of training? Also if they are scrogged?

I can do 6 different strains in a 4x4x6 grow tent
And i top once and spread them out a little bit.

This is my 6 strains.

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I did 4 plants in my 5x5 because I did perpetual harvest and after 10 to 12 weeks of veg with lst it took that many to fill my space but I also did one big plant it just took extra time to get that big

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How many watts do you have in the 4x4 above with 6 strains. Also that’s how I 2. 67 square feet per plant. Am I correct? And is that adequate? Recalls by looking at your plants it is plenty please let me know though thanks in advance

Supposed to say by looking at your plants it’s plenty adequate

Also at that rate of 2.67 square footage per strain that is 9 or 10 plants or strains

You have it going on guy nice plants

So you totaled 253 grams? Again what’s the wattage because I’m going to use a 1000 watt bestva first crop then a 3000 bestva for a 8x8 tent with around 32 strains or plants lol

this all depends on your veg time,
set a plant amount, then veg to fill the space.!

between a 1’x1’ and 2’x2’ area per plant.

i don’t think that light will fill a 5x5 for flower,
it will only cover a 3x3 in veg, at best.

i think if u used Bestva lighting u’d need 1250 - 1500 watts at the wall,
u need 8 of them for flowering all of a 5x5 area and it’d still be mediocre lighting.!!
the Bestva blurples r a waste of money, not a good spectrum and inefficient.!

it sure would be nice to light a 5x5 for 115 USD.!!! LOL
i m lighting 5.5 sq ft of bloom and 5.5 sq ft of veg and the fixtures cost ~$600.
but, i m poor and like getting the most for my money.!

i would strongly suggest starting smaller, u could get good equipment and learn how plants grow before taking on an overwhelming task.!!