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I’m a first time grower…just experimenting with first plant. Basic in a pot with soil. No growlights just natural sunlight. Indoor plant. Noticed some brown wilting leaves. Lower leaves. Can yall check out my photo and tell me what might be wrong?! 15757566945926541371117832408387|375x500

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Welcome to the forums Tammy
Try to re upload the photo and wait for it to finish uploading before finishing your post.


Don’t see brown but I see it’s looking a little weak and already flowering.
They need quality light, organic soil, cloth pots, and a breeze to keep them strong.
Best of luck with your experiment


The brown leaves are at the very bottom…under leaves. Just dont want to overwater or underwater.

Hi Tammy:

Your plant looks quite healthy and it is normal for flowering plants to have some browning of the lower leaves.

It appears to be flowering very early. Is it an auto-flowing variety? We can probably help you a little better if you were to fill lout a standard support ticket.

Here is one of my recent support tickets as an example:

What strain, Seed bank, or bag seed: Blue Mystic, feminized (Indica)

• Method: Fox Farms Happy Frog, vermiculite(20%), perlite (25%), worm casings (5%), biochar (5%), and peat moss (30%).

• Vessels: 5 gallon pickle buckets

• PH of Water, distilled and PH to 6.5.

• Indoor growing

• Light system: Horticulture Lighting Group 260 Watt XL Quantum Board LED Kit V2 Rspec

• Temps: Day, Night 74/66

• Humidity: Min/Max: 50/63%

• Ventilation system: 6" AC Infinity carbon scrubber

• AC, heat, Humidifier,

• Co2: No

• Current grow stage: Seed dropped in moistened soil 15 hours ago

• Hours of light/dark: 24/0

Current # of plants: 1

Grow room size: 5x5x7

I dont know PH levels. My husband brought home from a dispensary. It’s a Clone Fiona. I have been using dyna bloom and just recently bought neem oil because sometimes I think I see tiny bugs but maybe they are just gnats since I have other plants in house. I try not to overwater. I started with organic soil. Just noticed wilting leaves on bottom of plant. I use a store bought glowlight sitting about 4 feet away from plant on cloudy days for added sunlight. Room is well ventilated and stays a good regulated temperature. Would it hurt to treat plant with neem oil…what’s best way to apply neem oil?

I’m not neem oil smart but this may help. Some people use Captain Jack for pest problems, but I don’t think it is an organic solution.