Photo showing pistils at 6 weeks?

I am growing a mix of photo and auto however my supposedly photo train wreck is roughly 6 weeks and just started showing pistils. Im 18/6 right now and was going to flip the photos after the autos finished but now im thinking i have a tent full of autos? The trainwreck seeds came from pacific seed company. My other 3 strains are ILGM. Is it likely i was sent autos?

Pics would help but it might just be showing that it is mature. Is it just a pair of pistils at each node or are they starting to cluster? Plants will show sex before flowering when mature.

This plant is not in flower but is showing its sex



must have not attached


Just letting you know that it is a she…
Now if they start to cluster at the tips…
My pic is a third gen clone. Has pistils right from the start taking the cutting.

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Alright nice.

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May add a couple more plants and another sf1000. At least temporarily and if it gets too bad they will go outside

Had a little flood today after setting up my new RO system. Thought it was 3:1 ro/waste so i ran the waste tube to a 1 gallon bucket instead of the 5, and walked away. Luckily i caught it before the whole room/house flooded. Maybe a couple gallons made it onto the floor. Anyways im wondering what everyone does with the waste water. 3 gallons of waste per gallon of RO will certainly add up. Im thinking about using it in my greenhouses for my vegetables


I have this exact same piece of furniture.
Mine is pretty much the same color as well.

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I filter at my laundry tub. Waste water goes down the drain.

Once you figure out how long it takes to fill your container you can set a timer on your phone.

Sucks to dump all that water. Im already paying like $160 a month for water already

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I was once worried about that as well, but hauling 5 gallon buckets of water outside to put on gardens or lawn gets to be old hat real fast.

I need 10-15 gallons of filtered water every weekend which means I’d have to haul 50-60 gallons of waste water every weekend. That’s a lot of hauling.

At one time I ran the waste hose out the window but that doesn’t work for me in the winter.

So whats the verdict with this photo flowering at 18/6? Should i start feeding it flowering nutes assuming its an auto or genetic anomaly that is going to just completely flower on 18?


Very good chance the one you got is an auto. It definitely looks like it is in full flower. I would start feeding like it’s in a second week of flower.

I’m thankful I don’t pay for water at my condo. I just drain the waste water. I’m sure my HOA won’t be happy but ^%# em!

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