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Just after some nice t-storms. Auto is Bluberry from ILGM. The group photo I all GDP Autos from ILGM And then there is an auto that smells like citrus and earthy, but I have no idea what it actually is…


Looking good :+1:

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Which is the outlier? All have those fat fat indica leaves. Healthy happy plants.

N that blueberry looks like its going to be some dope smoke! How far into flower would you guess? 5ish weeks?

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6 weeks 5 days from seed for the blueberry auto. It was born on 5/24. Fox farm OF in a 3 gal pot nothing but 6.6/6.7 ph water. Same for the Granddaddy Purple autos from ILGM. They’re younger but all autos are in 3 gal cloth pots with FFOF. Photos r grown with Happy Frog. The photo in the pic (born on 4/8) is 5 weeks and 2 days in forced flower but is outside for 12 hrs of natural sun. Lots of LST on that plant to get the bud branches out wide early… topped it at the 4th node and started LST. It’s my prize plant as far as autos… had a few plants Hermie… had 2 males… 2 severely stunted as far as genetics. Got a huge photo that went hermie in a tent drying. Ups and Downs

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