Photo or Auto? Preflower? Male or females?

I have posted several pictures in another topic and am still trying to figure out what the seeds are doing. They are supposed to be 24k gold fem auto’s. I thought that I had a mixed tent because the plant’s had been growing so long. They were planted in January, out grew a 60" tall tent so we bought an 80" tall tent. They out grew that tent so we moved them outside. I am not sure what they are… they just keep growing. Can you pro’s please have a look at the bevy of pictures and weigh in where they are in the grow cycle, and make a guess as to whether they are male or female please? This is our first attempt, so not sure what to expect.

Autos normally don’t get that tall. Most likely photos. And if u don’t want your plants to grow tall in your tent you can scrog them to make them wide, or just switch to 12 12 to be on the safe side incase you ordered photos instead of autos. If they are autoflowers they will flower eventually, if not they will flower when the days get shorter

Also if your painting your deck, looks good first I thought you pressure washed it. Then realized it was paint lol

I don’t see male or female parts just new leaves n branches starting, and what looks to me like a catapillar of some sort


Looks great! I see a plant in vegetative growth. No buds or any indication of sex. Hope it’s a girl!

It’s a photo for sure or it would have flowered already. It’s like 4-6 weeks for most autos to start flowering.

I’d recommend a bigger pot - at least 5 gallons. Better 10 or 20. Also look into topping and LST. You’ve got at least a few weeks until it’s gonna flower outside so plenty of time to repot and train it and grow much bigger buds


Well I clearly see a pistil with hair in one pic so she’s female.

You planted these in January today is July 1st. That’s 5 plus months so she ain’t an auto you can rule that one out. I would be emailing the seed bank.

Those are feminized, at least one is showing female but photoperiod evidently Sativa’s.

@GulfCoastGurilla , @MeEasy, @Deez, @Dieselgrow1031 … Thanks all for the help. They are actually in 3 and 5 gallon pots. Definitely root bound. They are in fabric pots using FFOF soil only in one, one has FFOF with a top layer of coco coir and vermiculite and two cups of soil and the HUGE one is in a pot for pot medium size (5 gallon) size. Can you plant through the fabric pots et. al. place the three gallon ones in 10 gallon ones and fill in with either Happy Frog or Ocean Forest? As they are all clearly root bound, we are watering 2.5 gallons between the three in the morning and then supplementing with about a liter per at night. We have been supplementing every other day with Fox Farms Big Bloom every other day for the last week or so by the directions. Our goal is to just keep them alive until they flower. A lot of watching and waiting has been done and we really want to keep them going and not lose them to nutrient loss. It is very hot here but there is no way they fit back in our 48" x 48" x 80" tent. @Dieselgrow1031 LOL on the deck! Yep, was painting it and decided a week ago just to replace all the 5/4 board since lumber prices are beginning to drop again. @MeEasy I did find and eradicate the offending caterpillar. I will look at the grow guide and see what insecticide to use if they get too pesky. @Deez What does LST mean (sorry for my ignorance) but if I top them, I can then fit them back into the tent! There are four ILGM Granddaddy purple auto’s in it now and at 10 days from sprout are looking awesome. It seems they will flower before the three mutants living in the wild (see pic below). I will continue to update everyone. Is there a particular part of the monster plant I can take a picture of to kind of indicate where they are in the grow cycle? Thank you all for the responses! See the attached pics of Mr. Bergman’s seeds after 10 days from soaking in a cup of room temperature well water. They are flying along!

Looks good! LST is Low Stress Training. Do a little searching around here and on Google and you’ll see some examples. Basically it’s bending the top of the plant (and side branches) so that the plant sends energy to the lower branches and side shoots and you get more tops and can control the height

Here’s a plant that’s been LST’d since it was a bambino and now it’s quickly becoming a beast

They look great! What do you do for insects? Ours have little insects on them but do not seem to want to chew them up. Just kind of hanging out. Off to google to look at how to LST. It is too late for the 7 foot tall monsters but will try on new attempts.

Could u recommend me a nice lighting system I’m growing in closet no tent

What is the size of the closet

@Imjustlearning What I have is 48"x48"x80". Have a fan, non oscillating, 4" ventilation system which I control with an auto-humidity sensor. So, technically I am controlling temperature and humidity at the same time. The plants are def all photo periods and are massive. One of them is 11’ tall. Finally, all three of them are beginning to flower because of where I positioned them in relation to direct sun outdoors, or they just decided it was time. The thing I have learned is not to learn. It is kind of like making a fire; you need fuel, heat and oxygen. My experience with the plants is that you need dirt, water and sun or light. I am using a 1000w light with Samsung LED’s. I had another light before this one and it sucked so the growth of the plant’s sucked. I am not going to put brand names because I think it is against the forum’s terms of service, but if you look at lights most of the decent LED systems have the same type of diode.

I’m here to learn could u share a pic

Circling back in… these plants were all of course photo sensitive feminized ILGM 24 Golds. I still have them in the original pots. Two were three gallon and one of them was in a pot for pot medium 5 gallon kit. The plants are all now over 10 feet tall. I have to water them every morning and evening as they finish up and are completely root bound, but wow. I will post some pictures of them soon. I have finished up 5 Granddaddy Purple Auto’s while these grew but the yield is going to be massive. Wasn’t the intent in the beginning but once committed, I was compelled to see it through.