Photo of late blooming White Widow


@latewood I started this auto fem White Widow with 5 others on April 1st from seed. The other 5 are getting heavy with clusters and this plant is way behind. The water run off has been 7.3 for a couple of weeks. Yesterday it was down to 7.0 PH. @bob31 told me to put it on a 12/12 schedule to see if that would jump start it into flowering. I just took the following pictures, what do you think? Are these flowers finally starting to form?


@Bobbi can you take a closer pic when you have a sec. Looks like pre flower to me but I’d like a closer look!


@bob31 here you go, I couldn’t take it out because it’s in a corner with too many plants in front of it. Last picture is one tiny plant that didn’t grow very tall but full of clusters.Planted same time.


I meant first picture is the tiny plant that has lots of clusters, plants the same time as the stubborn plant.


it looks to me like it’s starting to bud.


I wish I could weight in n help but I’m still on my first grow with autos. I will say this, my NLA is less than 30 days old n is preflowering like a son of a gun.


Where’s my@bob31 go to guy?
@Countryboyjvd1971 ?


Hi @Bobbi happy Friday! Wound up working today. What’s up kiddo?

Just read up. Yes I’d say she’s preflowering. Should start seeing some buds forming on her over the next couple of weeks. Both plants btw


Great, I was getting worried. It’s only one plant that isn’t flowering, I just posted different angles . The top photo is another plant and doing well, lots of clusters.


Once you change the lights or a plant shows preflowering then it takes them about two weeks to fully transition to flowering.

No worries looks like she’s coming along fine!


@bob31 Yay! Monday will be the start of week 3 flowering for my BG (Fem). She has lots of preflowers now… can’t wait til she starts budding! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@bob31 should I keep the lights at 12/12 until it’s in full flower? Then switch back to 18/6?


I would keep those lights at 12/12 here on out. If she’s a little light sensitive she may give you issues if you switch her off the 12/12. @Bobbi

That’s awesome @GrowManFitz big difference between the first preflowers and now, right?!


It sure is! I can’t wait until she’s in full bloom.


Autos are weird creatures. I have never grown any that were exactly the same.

You never should need to shorten photo period using “autos” FYI