Photo of dried Northern Lights


I’m in the Mason Jar stage, one week in. It seems like it’s already dry, could that be possible? Nothing is sticking together, I did have to harvest them early because I live in a cold weather climate and the nights dipped into the 40’s, then 30’s. I had to harvest them with many milky white combes and amber too. It took 10 days to dry hanging upside down with the fan leaves on. I was wondering if some of you had pictures of what it should look like when completely dry. Many of you have answered questions for me before, I’m the 70+ granny…1st time grower.


Hi Bobbi, you forgot the photo :camera:

Edit: okay so you’re soliciting pictures now I get it I have some up put them up later but you have to burp the jars once or twice a day for 10 minutes and you’ll have to do it for a month or so because as the plant cures and dries more it lets off gas and if you don’t let some fresh air in you can get mold and all kinds of nasty things, you got to keep up at it bobbi

That’s what I have left of some Northern Lights, hope it helps


If you have them in the jars for over a week after of 10 days of hanging you are in a really good place. Stop burping them regularly at this point. Maybe just once a week if needed(keep you eye out for any mold or mildew. Just keep them jarred for another month and you should be fine. As long as they are not fully dried out the moisture inside the jar should be all you need for them to finish. On a rule of thumb the inside jar cure time is around 2 months. Will create a smooth heady high. Cheers!


Paranorman…I have been burping mine 2 times a day and the photos do help, thank you. Yours are dryer looking than mine. See photo.
Do both you gentleman give the same advice looking at my Northern Light week old jarred weed?


I think you should still burp it twice a day…pour it out, let it sit a few minutes, then put it back in the jar.

Nice job granny, great work.


Looks great bobbi! … now keep it up, it will completely change in the next month or so, it Mellows, it Smooths but you gotta burp it, maybe in a couple weeks you can burp once a day but you got to keep up on it like Oak said


Thanks guys, one more question. I’ve read about condensation inside the jar, apparently that doesn’t happen all the time?
I always smell the jar when opened for a vinegar smell or mold, a good thing.
I’m wondering if the strong smell of weed lessens or gets stronger as it cures? I guess that’s two questions.


How much weight did you get? I’m curious because I’m growing a northern light now and just curious, I fully understand about lights and their impact but just curious nonetheless


the smell should sweeten up and mellow a bit with age.


Irish…mine didn’t get enough sun and I cropped them wrong so my yield was very, very small. 12 grams after finely cleanly, no stems at all. I got about 7 grams of sugar leaves to bake with. Not much but I sure did learn a lot. Next year I’ll plant them in a sunny space not far from my house, very isolated.
Oak…When I first put the weed in, it smelled heavy of marijuana. Now the smell is going away, not much smell at all. I was wondering if this was because it wasn’t ready to be harvested yet?