Photo, light help

Hello Everyone.
To make a long story short I was given a couple Godfather OG photo’s in flower.
My grow space has auto’s in it and the photos have had to sit in a dormer window for the last 6 days. I have not been able to keep them in total darkness do to a street light and lights on going up stairs.
Saturday I will be able to rearrange my grow space to get them back on a 12/12 schedule.
I hope they will not hermie, can I do anything to help prevent it, any tips?



Have they been basically in 24 hours of light? Do you have room in the auto tent to run them 18/6 :love_you_gesture:


If there is room in the tent with the autos, you can put them in.


18/6 wont work, just saw the flowers. :love_you_gesture:

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At night the have been getting some light from a street light and the hall light when we go upstairs.

I had a friend say that if I put them in the auto space and leave them in 24 hours of darkness and then get them back on 12/12 they should be ok, is this correct?


The street light probably isn’t enough to cause a problem, neither is the stair light as long as it’s not on all night long. I would just put them in with the autos and go 12/12, the autos won’t care


:point_up_2: @BowHunt3r would be my suggestion as well. The autos won’t miss a beat with the 12/12 :love_you_gesture:


My sentiments exactly across the board.

Plants don’t stress herm as easily as we think they do. I have tried time and again to force stress herms - it takes a lot. Most herms arise from bad genetics, breeders just don’t fess up to that and blame poor environment - new growers buy into it and the cycle continues.


Plants require a minimum amount of light to trigger photosynthesis. I am not sure off the top of my head what this is exactly but I know that trace lights at night from night lights, street lights, lights on electrical equipment in our tents and bright moonlight if growing outdoors do not meet the minimum to trigger her to think it is day time. And as @Graysin stated it is not easy to force a plant to hermie, just letting in a bit of light during her night does not stress them out. @Pinboy said it as well.


Thank you all for the information. Have a great day

Yeah, put them in with the autos on a 12/12 cycle. If anything it’s not gonna do anything to the autos.……fit them in for the few days….yeah Pinboy is right…