Photo In Flower - Seeds?

1st Grow. In late stage of flowering. I was examining my girl and noticed what I thought was a seed pod. I pulled it off and sure enough, it was a seed. There are others although not a lot.

Is it typical that a photo in flower would produce a few seeds?

I had to put in my shed for 30 hours during Ian hurricane. Only normal ceiling fluorescent light. Any relationship to producing seeds.

  • Seed: Do-si-dos, Photo, from ILGM
  • Vessel: Coco + Perlite, 5 gal fabric pot
  • Nutrition: Jacks 321 + Silica
  • PH of Water: ~ 60 (do not test runoff or ppm)
  • Environment: Outdoor
  • Location: Southern US, hot and humid
  • Temps: Upper 80s to 90s

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Those are female calyces.

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Ok thanks. Wish I kept the seed to show. Dropped in gravel.

I won’t worry about it. Hopefully I can harvest by the end of the month

It doesn’t look like a month will be enough, but if it’s outdoors you’ll have to g9 off the weather.

what week are you in


I think I’m in the 5th week. Starting 6th. My first grow and I was never sure of what stage I was in. Pre-flower vs Flower.

I’m in the south US so no significant cold till January.

October and November are real nice so hope there is enough time

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You’ll have enough time then, no problem.

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It is not unusual for any plant to “self-pollinate” and make a few seeds. Propagation is after all, the natural goal for all living things. Like they said in the Jurassic Park movies “nature finds a way”.
Being outdoors also raises the possibility that a male plant or hermie is somewhere near enough to have pollinated her.