Phosphorus or potassium abundance

I have an abundance of phosphorus or potassium. Burnt edges and curled tips.

Would a good remedy be to feed straight RO water my next watering? Maybe add some cal mag, PH and add some King Crab?

This is nutrient burn. That’s why they’re brown on the edges too. Excessive nitrogen with the claw.
Here’s my Durban Poison that has had claw though out the grow, which has developed into some more serious burn…
It’s the back side of the fan leaves you’re seeing on the right, but same story there.
She’s a little rough, been straight water for awhile now, almost done.


@Hellraiser what would you do with nute burn at my stage?

Yep, and with a large amount of runoff (like 50-100%) to bring ppms down some, like a mini flush.


Just run R/O until runoff drops, in soil to around 2K ppm and in coco 1,200 or so then resume feeding with a lower N content.

You won’t entirely rid yourself of the effects at this point, but you can still get a decent yield if treated now.


Thank you, gentlemen

Done and done. I’ll give a light feeding tomorrow when the lights come on.

Funny, I was trying to figure out my Larrfy bud issue. I decided to try my old Nutes in flower on one plants. It was fox farm. And now i have nute burn. I Should have seen that coming.

Im going back to my dry nutes, tomorrow.

Now that I fixed my light issue, I have to reevaluate everything. Smh. If it’s not one thing it’s another. I’ll find my groove sooner or later.

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Yep, now you have to re-dial everything back in.

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