Phosphorus or nitrogen deficiencies?

Hey guys, I’m hoping someone may have a little insite to what may be occuring to some of the leaves on my northern light and blue cheese plants. These ladies are being grown oudoors. All in all they have been pretty healthy throughout the grow. I am maybe 3 weeks into flower. Recently i have started seeing black edges of certain leaves that are followed by yellowing and dying. I first thought phosphorus. I added some bone meal a few waterings back.

. But still more and more of these leaves are showing up. I thought maybe a nitrogen lockout. After checking my ppms they are actuality super low. In tbe 500s. I have been feeding occasional cal mag every other water tiger bloom and bud candy and once or twice b-52. So i don’t think im under feeding. In my area it has been raining daily. Wondering if that has something to do? Also i have been keeping podery mildew at bay the last week or so with milk and water. Any ideas?? Thanks in advance!

Too much nitrogen. Back off the nitrogen product and she will be fine.

Too much you think? Ok maybe that tiger bloom. I have heard tbat stuff is no joke. I will do that. Thank you!

Actually, Grow Big if you are using the trio.

Yeah was using grow big throughout veg. Stopped whrn i entered flower. Ive never given full dose either. I’ve been keeping it at about half recommended. Reading tbe tiger bloom it looks like 2.0 nitrogen. Less of that and more bud candy maybe. That lists no nitrogen…

Nitrogen is extremely important during the first 3 or 4 weeks of flowering. The plant can double in size during this period.

They have definitely been shooting straight up thats for sure. Was i supposed to keep using grow big along side tiger bloom? Or just keep them on grow big longer before i switched?

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