Phosphorus deficiency on my stardawg

Just notice tat only one of my plants has leaves spotting like this. It’s the one that stretched the most and seems to be working the hardest. Is this a phosphorus deficiency in your opinion?

What’s ur ph of ur medium? Ph of last watering and ppms?

Im no hydro grower so i will let others answer,

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what is you ppm? Too low and the flowers pull nutrients from fans telling you they need more.

Too high and your nutrients will burn the edges. Personally I run high in week 4-8 of flower and make them burn a little


Pushing a bit on the high side at week 6-7@ 2100 ppm

But yes send ppms and ph please

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I usually ph 5.9-6.0. The Rez was just cleaned but I use 4 gallons daily 7 days per week. My average ppm is 1100

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What are you using? I’d boost those ppms

GH flora series with armor si, flora licious, diamond nectar and Cali mag.

How are u dosing the calmag? And what kind of lights are u running? Im no expert but that looks like a cal deficiency to me.

See now i think about it. I think cal deficiency is brown in the boxes between ‘vains’… hmmm @blackthumbbetty @Myfriendis410 @Budbrother @DoobieNoobie

Full dose on the cal mag. 1 tsp per gallon. The rest I run at 66% of the recommended dosage.

Next feeding go 100% of dosage and look into a bloom booster, I use beastie buds but any of those products are good

How the heck do you get to 2100ppm Bob? I just went full nutes and even added 3 table spoons of nectar for the gods mega Morpheus (guano) and 2 of hurculean harvest along with full dosage with all of my flora lineup and came out at 1246. Yes it’s calibrated lol

I use dry nutrients at dose’s against recommendations

I never said to do what I do, I just said it’s what I do


You also get big fat colas! That being said I have four plants in week four of flower and two in two. I picked up a jar of the beastie bloomz. I water with 4 gallons at a time daily and clean my Rez once per week. Where should I start in your opinion?

That’s where we differ, I don’t clean res during flower

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I clean res between cycles then top off during flower and push nutrients until I burn those bitches to the ground!

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Ever see that movie with meth and red man where he’s like these girls only know 3 words

Please don’t stop!?! That’s how I treat them in week 4-8

Start week 6 and use a teaspoon per 5 gallon fill or the scooper full. Week 7 up it to start the week with 1-1/2 or 2 scoops and keep that until flush

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