Phosphorus deficiency? (First-time grow)

Need help to confirm my evidencies of phosphorus deficiency and help to identify where to adjust, because i’m already doing everything alright and dont know what is happening.

Northern Lightning Auto from Seedsmanseed

  • Indoor 90x90x180, panel with 4 led cob cree cxb5930 50W (1200W) - distance 30cm
  • Second week of vegetation
  • Inert soil (PH 6.3):
    • 50% peat
    • 50% perlite
  • Full line of biobizz fertilizers
    • Root-Juice
    • Bio-Grow
    • Fish-MIx
    • Bio-Heaven
    • Bio-Bloom
    • Top-Max
  • Water with 10ppm, then I add CALMAG+ until water get 300ppm and then add the fertilizers until water get 800-1000ppm.
  • Water PH between 5.6-6.8.

I use the BioBizz schedule chart.

The problem came first in the first 2 leaves and is advancing to the newer leaves.

Full plant =
New leaves =
Older leaves = -

Someone can help with some advice? Thanks!

You did check the run off of soil? Cause low ph will cause that. If its soil it shouldn’t be less than 6.2 coming out. 1000 ppm is really high for that size plant and probably building up salts and lowering ur ph.

Ok. To check the ppm of run off of soil, should I put water with fertilizers and then check the output or should I do with clean low ppm water?

If the result shown my PH is low due to high ppm watering or whatever reason, do you know if dolomitic limestone applied on the surface of the soil could help?


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Yes dolomite lime will higher ph but not the moment u put it in. No u just use plain ro or distilled water. No nutes. If your using nutes everywatering and at that high of ppm thats definitely ur problem and u definitely have a low ph. But it can be fixed. Is your soil dry? Dont wanna add water while its still moist or ull over water it and cause more problems

The soil is a little moist today. I’ll wait until tomorrow to do a runoff on this plant with a water I buy with 30ppm and then check the PH and PPM of runoff and I’ll post the results here.

Thanks for your help!

@appleyardjr267 another important detail is that biobizz is recommended in every watering.

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I dont know much about biobuzz but if i had to guess ide say no. No need to feed that often especially that young and that high of ppm.

Most u need at that size is maybe 450 500 ppm max amd thats kinda high depending on strain. But only feed every ither watering or every 2 waterings depending on ur ph and ppms. If ur ph and ppms stay steady from reading run off them u slowy increase. And u shpuld never water when soil is still moist. U need to let it dry out mostly before watering again

Hey @appleyardjr267 , I gave water to the plant.

My inflow water was:

  • 6.3 PH
  • 40 PPM

After ~100ml got outflow I measured:

  • 5.3 PH
  • 1250 PPM

I got horrified, then I cleaned the plate and got more 50ml of runoff water and then measured again:

  • 5.3 PH
  • 1950 PPM

What should I do?

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U just need to stop feeding for awhile. Just straight distilled or ph’d water. I knew that was the problem. Cant fix it at once. Just keep giving water only until u raise the ph and lower the ppms. Nothing to panic about. Its gonna be ok and recover and go back to normal. Just one lesson of many learned

And if u have a fabric pot squeeze around it to loosen up dirt so u dont suffocate roots

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OK. Thank you.

“fabric pot squeeze”? I use an 11L gelt pot.

What you think to apply today a little bit of dolomitic limestone on the surface of the soil to raise ph and contribute to a slow liberation of CAL and MAG?

Yea u can put some dolomite lime. Then itll go down next watering and help raise it. Just squeeze around ur pot so u loosen ir soil cause that small plant can suffocate easy in that big pot

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Hey, just here to put some news.

I discover some things about growing in organics and biobizz.

  • The dolomitic limestone in soil is very very important to keep the PH equilibrated. I will add some on every soil I do.
  • It’s ok to feed on every water, but less is more.
  • When biobizz is normal to have a high PPM on run-off, I read lot of people who had high PPM on run-off and have beautiful plants, the dolomitic limestone make his paper here to make the soil ajusted.
  • I started to bubble my water some hours before feed with a air stone. I dont know if is making some good, but the plant is ok, then since is my first grow I just want things go until the end. But in next grows I’ll start to make some cientific observations.

The plant still has falling leaves, but the flowers continue to grow and gain weight, so I learned not to pay as much attention to some falling leaves depending on the stage of the plant.

I’m feeding on every water and stopped to pay attention on PH or PPM, since the plant are responding good. I just make sure to get a water on 20 celsius after bubble with a air stone.

I’m following the guidelines of Biobizz chart. But with “less is more” mindset.

I’ll post some photos after. Thank you.