Phoenix Grow, From the ashes...... more DWC


ok so I lifted and tied all the ones in veg 2, that looks better, it wont happen with the new design.

the ppms on the small one are 340-50

middle one ive just done half strength 480-490. :grin:

now the flowering one drank 1/4 of her nutes 150mm when I started at 200mm at 630 the whole time now ive added water up to 190mm, it was 200mm…:wink:, this has dropped the nutes down to 480-490, @peachfuzz, should I add base nutes up to 630? they are there just chilling for now.

im going to start tying them up in a sec, and then think about light proofing it so I can open the tent up, im going to have to, and the cooler can go under the house too… :face_with_raised_eyebrow::grin:

or else ill never go to the back to do the work, crawling sparky style,

cheers all kettle.:smirk:


well they are at 770ppms now, and ph of 6.1, and 20’C

I added 60 mls of veg a and b nutes…:face_with_raised_eyebrow::grimacing::smirk::grinning:

well they are tied up and im going in to do their undergrowth, this will take me a while… appropriate I think so…


my ladies were from the 80s… :smirk:

this is one of the dr kipplings, I left about 20 perfect clones in there that will never see the light of day… I think I should do a table of six of these…? :grin:

alright… i guess i should light proof the tent… phew i thought it would be a big day, but…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


OK, that’s 24 inches, 600mm… are you guys serious? this is crazy…:grin:

my ppms are 630, hadn’t mixed properly… :smiley:


Damn that’s a sick setup. I’m watching this now! :+1:


Awesome lookin. Luv the positive hanging reinforcements on ur screens brother. :grin::+1::v:


@Noctis420, @Oldguy thanks both of you your too kind… :blush:

been a lot of learning and hard work, but im starting to get settled, thank god… about 3 months late but better late then never… thanks to everyone… :laughing:

if you see something jump in and say something, ive never grown indoors before and peacfuzz grows under hps…. og… :wink::smile::face_with_raised_eyebrow::smirk:

thanks again the next 10 12 weeks should be fun, knock on wood, after that will still be exciting but I will have already built something, and I wont be as obsessed, so I wont take as many photos, I know me… being obsessed with weed growing is not a bad thing its, science, research, and the calm that comes with growing plants… positive all round bud…:grin:

I have to build the second flower system, its going to be identical at this stage, I don’t think there is anything id like to change…

id love to take credit with the screens but as with almost everything its credit goes to its inventor the fuzz…

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: however if anyone want to just hate life that little bit more and want to build the pots ill take credit for that… with peahfuzz’s guidance…they are awesome now, but they suck to make… :grin:, someone should do it one day… :grin:

hope you all are well… :grin:


@Grandaddy013, good too see you back bud, couldn’t have gone as well without your help too. :grin::wink::smirk:… anyway its the middle of the night again… im back off to bed… why do I like to be up at 3 am? its so quiet I guess… I guess can truly think about stuff…


That’s a great setup kettle. I am impressed by handy guys like you lol


What’s up, my homie. Just got caught up. You’re turning into a freaking monster farmer.


to be honest man, its all going well… im going well. the systems are going great, … monster farmer… that’s the goal right?:grin:, I love the fact I have trays of plants racked up, not under the pump… just comfortable. :grinning:, because I think, well the first ones are going to probably be your best because they are so old, but they are always going to be that old, or that big or bigger, cool… :grin:, I have a lot of good growers to motivate me… :grin:, im pretty competitive,:grimacing::wink: one day… ill do a one plant grow… you earlier ones are off the chart…

im so glad I only put two flower systems in…

pretty bad bushfires here atm, and drought… but that’s Australia for you… the fires are not near us, but man they are bad… :open_mouth:

how are you? your girls look amazing


I’m finer than frog hair, my friend. Building another tote system in the flower room. Going to move the Berry Bomb in there any day now. Damn clones started budding, so now they will have to reveg.


The system is great the set up is great, I love following your thread although I am in Soil looking good. Rock steady and stay lit :fire:

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Ok one more thing before I forget, as they are going in to flower I prob will forget to take photos of these…

these are my first batch of ilgm seeds, Gold leaf, chocolope, amnesia haze… and they are good strong genes, the yellow one is one who ended up in the soup for a few weeks… im giving that to the misses once its better any how…

im really impressed, better then anything else ive tried… the dr kipplings are good though, others id bought… :grimacing::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


ok so im off to the hardware, I have some good ideas about the cloning area…

And todays going to be a bad day for a lot of my NWS brothers and sisters. with the fire department warning catastrophic fires never seen before. be as safe as everyone can be…:australia::pray::v:


new clone area… I like it. :grin:

I like that its independent from everything below… its a mini dwc, bubble bucket… I just spent $15 extra so it would match… :blush:


Hey @kettle
What does the miss’s plan on using outdoors to grow her veggies and plant’s that you are going to give her…?
I have some pretty sick soil/hydro systems that I make for my wife to grow huge veggie plant’s and anything else that she want’s…
I made them for growing bud , but plants get to big to manage indoors…
Just thought I might peek your interests… :grin::smiling_imp::smirk:

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so shes having like 10 beds 8ft by 4 ft… the plan is to be doing rotational staged planting so we have plenty of veggies, that’s the plan anyway… the roos- kangaroos not roosters… will get more courageous as it gets hotter and less food… bastards…

she is learning…

hehehe…:smiling_imp: outdoor hydro, something that has been on my mind for a while… do u know if you increase the concentration of Bacillus amyloliquefaciens to have temp not a prob?

I have a plan… :smiling_imp:, I was going to do it, but you made really good sense when you talked about contaminating my room, but she can do it… she doesn’t go in the grow roo…. her study to much these days… :pensive:

an area with water access… most important,:grin: big pots, and soil… moderators recipe on here looks good… :grin:

hey man what does your hydroguard say its concentration on the bottle?

also what plant do you like growing in this system?, all indica, hybrid… sativa?, the things I have coming from ilgm may have not been thought out size wise…

my flowering totes on timer now… 45 min every 2 hours…

oh I just put an order in last night,

40 airstone- im going to clean them but they were $1.50 each for 2 inch ball, Nice to have around, they are hard to get here… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

2, 70lpm air pumps… one for the other flower tote, and you always need a spare…

and you know those (I think) inkbird controllers, well, not that brand, but they had specials on with waterproof temp sensors- aquarium shop, with 2 ten amp output sockets, and they were on special so I got 2 for $55 each,

so next week I can set up the chillerwith theromstats in the esky and in the flower tote… you get me?

how are you bud?

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@semo63936, hey buddy this is my grow where I am using the solar system 550. im jus coming into flower how about we find out together.

everyone is very defensive over their home made lights that they may overlook some positives of purchased lights, may not even give them the full credit they deserve. especially when you say time and time again that you wished you’d made your own… if you ask a question often the response will be… huh, you could make a better light for $78…

negatives, burple, I don’t know if yours is burple it does get hot… we’ll find out more. :smiley:

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Your all over the map and I’m extremely stoned… @kettle
Trying not to get electrocuted… lol
Danm you… lol… :wink::grimacing::smile::joy::rofl::grin:
Working on electrical… lol
I really probably maybe shouldn’t , maybe kinda maybe shouldn’t…
What the heck were we talking about… lol
Too, too much…:grin:

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