Phoenix Grow, From the ashes...... more DWC

those bowl trimmers don’t work that well do they? or do they get too sticky? im sure there is a reason, they cant trim them as well surely… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Ya , I like Fisker’s for trimming…
I’ll get you a pic tomorrow…
Definitely going to be a weekend of trimming for you guy’s… :+1::smile::grin::rofl::joy::smirk:
I’ve got to get to bed my friend… :+1::wink:
It’s going on 12 pm for me right now…
You have a good day my friend… :wink:


sleep well my friend… :grinning:


the nube tub is back… :grimacing:, I like it… its going to be over 100’f tomorrow and I know what will happen, ill get halfway through forget and 90’f water will come out… and I can fit it in… for now the nube tub stays… :grin:

just so I can pre mix the nutes for these girls id hate to make a mistake with the nutes now… :grin:

and ingredients for tomorrow… :grin: and i have some special extras from the hydro stuff to replace things i couldnt get…


You should be! And you might need this:


@garrigan62 I have been desperate to try this as soon as I saw it… a few adjustments here and there but essentially your recipe, I couldn’t get worm castings, and I had a heap of coir and thought it could hep where I may be missing, also some perlite, added some beneficial microbes already but thinking of doing a gallon brew of pro biotics- white shark a week and maybe a brew with mammoth p… anyway. thankyou!

its in the shed because in the sun will be too hot I think… so smoky at the moment… bad fire season…

soil is for my misses so she has a good road ahead id say… :smile:


She does at that and so will my NEW YEAR of Auto Flowering plants

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big girls are now at 870 ppms, 8 ml p gallon flowere a+b…. :ok_hand: ph 6

horrible to have to get under there but im lucky I can… crazy looking up… :grin:


they were at 460 ppms…

Hungry ladies! :plate_with_cutlery:

But, daaaaang, look at the greenery! Do you have airflow through there, bud? Happy, happy plants. :v::slightly_smiling_face:

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haaaaaaaaaa, I do, I think… its hard to say for sure… but the leaves aren’t wet anymore…I have those big floor fans… I don’t write enough of my eff ups… while I was away for those 4 days… I accidently left the one near the bigger girls off! but id added the 2nd inline fan that was doing its job… lucky, but no buds to mold… but redundancy after redundancy, I don’t trust… me… :laughing:

I defoliate sparingly… @peachfuzz your happy…? hang on ill get some better photos… but its quite sticky in there… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :grin:

im chilling the water for the nutes for the veg… they should be fed h2o, im in for an experience… im waiting for my seeds, for me, I have time…
… but I didn’t think about the pump not having enough pressure to reach the nube tub… so that will need its own pump… so its the trusty gallon frozen water bottle… temp 86… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

then I just finished the mini dwc so im about to take the clones for my misses… amnesia haze, gold leaf and chocolope… and one or two spares… :slightly_smiling_face:

hope your well bud…


@elheffe702 to me it looks like an impenetrable wall of buds, anything I should have done with my hands I should have done earlier… but I have watched the master, I think im ok… :smile:… when I remember to turn the fans on I have great air circulation… :slightly_smiling_face:

I can see the ground… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


There’s just so much of it! LOL for real though, it makes it hard to tell in the pics, that’s why I asked. You’re the best judge, right there in person with them.

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yes! is my answer, :smile: :grimacing: its hard to take photos of, i may have to take a few off here and there, but while i was doing one of the last tie downs and defoliation the leaves that grew back weren’t as big, and they fit if that makes sense… :grin:

hey man, these buds smell a bit like pineocleen, ive had this before with weed i have bought… for me the first time i will smoke most of these strains is after ive grown it… :slightly_smiling_face:

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Nice! That’s one of my favorite things about growing, the variety of scents that come from these suckers.

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man its good to have in your house, not nice when chainsaw guy wants to use the tap… hang on ill fill up your water bottles… :grimacing:

im so happy with those pots… dotor kippling is going to test their durability though… lol… i thought id take ages to fill a 2 inch pot… :grin:

i have to do the veg system i need to stop procrastinating… :yawning_face:


veg 1 nutes replaced… ppms…… 620

im going down with the ship full nutes and support the whole way… :rofl:

5-6 weks…. going to be epic…fail or win… and the clones will need to wait… mini system done though… :smile: :yawning_face: :ok_hand:


lots of holes… :smirk:


so im officially out of hydroguard… i got 1 ml per gallon and added a teaspoon of great white, and it does dissolve better then the cheaper one… in the veg tote… they will be right, :smirk:

next serenade opti… ive got to figure out the dosing… i think i have more then ten years worth and more then 100x hydroguard… its biofungicide rate is 250 grams per 100 l or efff…. um half a poundish to 25 gallons…

so im going to make a gallon at that rate and use it like hydroguard… ?

so i need to add 10 grams (or just over a quart) to one gallon of water (four litres)……… this seems to pretty much add up to what i have found on the net… hydroguard has %.04 bacteria by weight, this matches, because the bayer product is %30 bacteria or close enough…

so 10 grams per gallon, 2 mls per gallon… there you go… :grin:

it is 100x stronger, :grin: i have enough to make 100 gallons of hydroguard substitute… that i still don’t know what it smells like… :smile:

100 gallons of hydroguard substitute is enough to treat 50000 gallons of hydroponic solution… :yawning_face: :grin: good to know… :grin:

now the smell… how bad can 10 grams per gallon be? :grin: