Phlizon LED - Too Good To Be True?


I’m in the planning stage of my first “real” indoor grow, which I plan to start in December. I will most likely start with a grow cabinet, say around 2x3’. I’m leaning toward LED at this point. I came across this Phlizon light on Amazon. It seems to good to be true, so I wonder of it is. According to the seller and reviews, it has a veg/flower switch, built-in fans, ir/uv, and draws 250 actual watts. It seems perfect for the setup I am currently building in my head. But the price is only $90. See what I mean? Too good to be true, right? Is Phlizon a reputable brand? Should I trust the info on Amazon? Would this be a good light for 5 or 6 sq ft cabinet?


Yes, it is to good to be true

Only pulls 108 watts from the wall, not 250


If Amazon lights are the way you wanna go, get either viparspectra or roleadro


HLG lights are also available on Amazon now.


Thanks for the replies everyone. I confused what I seen in the description with what I read in the reviews of the Phlizon 600, that’s why I was thinking it pulled about 250W. I did find another Phlizon model that does pull 240W according to the description. I think it’s the 1200, which goes for $149.
I may go with a build. I’ve never done anything like that before, but I am really good at fabricating. I’ve skimmed some instructables about it before. I think I can do it if I read up on it and have some good instructions. I’ve sure got enough time to learn and test what I build. I was thinking I was going to be able to start me grow in December, but it may actually be closer to mid-February. So I got time, lol.
Where would be a good place to start? A link to a good place to learn the basics on the subject of how led units work and some example designs? I want to see if it’s something I’m going to be able to understand before I decide on a build or something else. I don’t know if it’s because I’m new to the whole forum thing or what, but I couldn’t find any of this info with the search function.


Oh, the reason I am thinking about a build now is that it seems like you get more for your money in terms of quality if you can build your own, and more importantly, you know what you are getting.


If you’re interested in building your own light, you need to talk to @dbrn32, he can show you exactly what you will need and how to build it.


All true statements. If you’re gonna build for a 2x4 space I would check this thread out.

Those strips are available in 560mm length (22”), about perfect for that space. I can help you get correct components if you decide to do something like that.


Are you talking about the Phlizon 600watt? @dbrn32 Im confused. Or us this a dedicated build for a 2x4x5?


No sorry. Op asked about building his own, in post 5 I think it was.


Really leaning toward getting a 2x4x5. Got to do something this winter. Saw what looked good for like $60. What do you figure would light me up man? @dbrn32 I also know your light will blow anything on Amazon away. Sounds like he has a similar situation. Thanks tons man.


2x4 is pretty easy to work in. If you follow that link above, two of those 100 watt lights will do pretty good in there. Three would be really good! I like the flexibility of doing something with 4 of the qb 120’s in there too. Just a matter of what you want and how much you can spend.


This LED took number one position 2018 reviews and apparently is very impressive on the flower cycle.


@fabes Took number 1 in what reviews though? Most of those reviews are bought and paid for. If you skim through them, you will see 5 star reviews just for recieving the product, havent even plugged them in yet. And I wouldnt trust them. These lights are okay, but they are nowhere near the best. Especially in 2018.
These lights are blatant false advertisement


OK, I’ll toss this in because I haven’t seen it mentioned. I was driving down the highway in a non-legal state at night. I spotted at least 2 blurples coming from windows that weren’t sealed - and I wasn’t really looking.

The QB’s or DIY light strips do not give off that ‘signature’ and have more of a ‘regular’ color to them. Nothing to arouse suspicion other than they are reeeeeaaaaaallllyyyy bright.


Exactly what I was thinking. Those reviews are bullishit, and the legit ones probably not from anyone that knows the difference anyway.

@Fabes if you buy a $200 light expect $200 performance.


Not all bad news,thinking l will just get the 2 x 2.5 Gorilla Tent and see what I can do with two autos, what sort of coin would I need to invest in a LED Light that would be overkill for a 4 x 4 ?


Depends on what level of overkill you are talking? A fixture considered proper using high end leds starts around $750-800.


Time will tell ~