Philips 315w 3k cmh bulb with dimmable ballast?

I currently have 2x 315w Philips 3k cmh agro bulbs, in two “all in one” ballast/hoods. The ballast itself offers a dimmer switch. I believe it starts at 145w, 240w, then 315 Watts, with a extra lumens option following that.
Previously I used bulbs that came with the hood and did not have any reservation about using the dimmer switch. Now that I bought replacement Philips bulbs I’m wondering can they be used with the dimmer switch or will that affect the bulb negatively?
Thank you all for your help and time.

I have no experience with HPS/MH/CMH. @dbrn32 and @peachfuzz do though.


Are your ballist’s cmh or hps or mh…
The ballists will determine what bulbs that you are using…


I run CMH315 I know digital greenhouse gas a dimmeable option.

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Overlooking your bulb will shorten it’s life. I’m not sure about dimming it. The thing with those bulbs is that they rely heavily on the power to get accurate spectral distribution.


Sorry didn’t mean to upload here

Thank you for the replies and the advice. I really appreciate it everyone. Thanks for taking the time to respond. I think I will just leave my bulbs at its 315 Watts like it was intended. :grin:
Thanks again and happy growing