Pheno Types SUCK!

Not to mention you really get to know a strain when you do a few clone grows of it back to back.


This. Next time you’re gonna Spend $75 on a pack of seeds just buy an ez-cloner instead. Consistent carbon copy clones every time.


I’d say do both. Look through an entire pack of seeds for the best ones, and then clone them indefinitely.


I only have a land line no cell phone to take pic nor a camera I wish i could show you My plants are robust and very healthy I’m at 7 weeks and out of 14 plants 4 got up rooted I’m not wasting light and time to raise dwarf plants and I don’t grow auto’s Cloning seems like a pain i have done it just dont want to make room for clones while I’m waiting on my grow to finish out I’m not out for a bumper crop I’m only shooting for 2 lbs a year so I’m good at the end of the year.

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Clones don’t have to take much space. Check out the 24 site EZ-cloner. It’s small. You don’t need more than an LED shop light to root clones anyway. The way I do it you take clones a week or two before you flower your crop and then by the time you harvest you’ve got established plants ready to go veg for another week or three then take clones again, flip, flower, repeat.

I started a few Sour D in November. Flowered over the winter, kept the clones from my favorite one and grew them out to be harvested in about 2 weeks and have cloned those again and have some outside right now for this summers outdoor. I’ll clone it again in late July and flower it again this fall. It becomes a game of pheno hunting to find the one you like best and then keep cloning it forward.


Cloning couldn’t be easier. I’ve cloned plants simply by taking a cutting and putting it into a cup of grow medium. I prefer to use a humidity dome and a separate space, but you can clone without any additional materials. Edit: obviously you’d need an additional light and tent, but you’re spending more than that on seeds currently.

You need to weigh your current frustration with genetic inconsistencies, which will always be there, against the hassle of cloning from proven plants.


Well said, growmie!


I can’t speak to the pheno question, but from first observation I’d say a SCROG would help with the stretch. Spread the growth outward rather than upward. Also I don’t think that autos would work for me as I want to control when (height included) that I prompt flowering. I also grow single strains at once to manage my canopy and keep it uniform.