Pheno Types SUCK!

I am at the point to where growing sucks Every plant I grow up to 4 of the same Here comes the Pheno to screw up the grow Midget plants and others that just don’t have it I can grow 12 plants of the same strain and there will be up to 4 Pheno types and they suck and I’m running out of strains from ILGM So very frustrating with this Pheno crap.

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I have 5 gg going right now and have three different phenos out of the 5. One “little person”, one perfect, and three tall and skinny. I feel ya

Dont knock the weirdos half the time they create the best buzz or terpene profile


I bought the q0+10 on zkiytlez autos and w.w. autos grew out 5 or 6 of each and every one had a diff smell and taste nit one was close to being the same smell and or taste. Hooe the gdp autos today are more of a family match lol.

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Likewise on my skittlez autos. 6 growing all at different rates.

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Same on the Zkittlez autos. Always different phenos and I can’t ever get them to stop stretching. Always grow right into my lights no matter how hard I hammer them.

The left front and right rear ones are Zkittles that wouldn’t stop stretching. The other 2 are Gorilla Glue Autos.

The solution is to grow one plant as a mother, and only flower clones off that mother. You will see uniformity that way.

In conventional seed breeding, the way to achieve more consistent plants from seen is to create F1 hybrids; This term is misused by most cannabis seed sellers. Finding two parental lines that will cross to produce something that’s both consistent and reliable is an enormous project necessitating hundreds of thousands of plants. And that’s a challenge without legal restrictions.

If all of my attempts fell flat, I’d ask what I’m doing wrong, and not the seed breeder.


@RedEyEs66 maybe we could help if we knew more about your grow space; lights, tent, air circulation, grow medium, etc…

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I have plenty of grow space 14x16x12ft I use HPs 1000 watt Lots of air flow Fox farm soil with added Bat and worm poop My grow space I consider works well Temps during day are 74-75 night temps around 72 .

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How large an area are you covering with one 1000w HPS fixture?

3x3 area .

Some breeders are more meticulous than others. Some have spent a very long time working the same genes to develop a line with very little phenotypic variation.

With hybrids you are always gonna get more variations in phenos thats part of why it takes a long time to stabilize a breeding line.

If you don’t go with clones maybe look at landrace cultivars- those are about as consistent as it gets


Interesting and good to know

Do you do any LST or anything like that?
Seems to me if you’re concerned about them all being the same height, that would be a way to do that.
Either way, good luck with everything! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

Most of my plants that are not showing dwarf pheno are pretty much the same height .

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The way I picture your space, it’s a large room with the plants close together in a corner. Is that correct? What’s your humidity? Is it possible to use a 4-5’x4-5’ tent to provide more environmental regulation?

Clone the ones you enjoy and keep growing that same one from a mother kept in captivity


Yes large room plenty of space plants are 2ft from each other I have plenty of air flow Humidity 45 to 50 % I don’t want to deal with a tent when i have way more fresh air then being in a confined tent and buying intake fans etc. Not for me My only problem is just Pheno’s The only one so far that is consistent without worrying about dwarf Pheno’s is the EGSCookies

Well, this could be part of your problem. Some seedlings will be more vigorous than others, and if you don’t have high humidity the stragglers might suffer more than the most resilient plants.

What about my suggestion about cloning?

Do you have any pictures of the successful and problematic plants?

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By definition an autoflower is a hybrid plant which is also extremely sensitive to environment. This plays into variable heights right off the bat. As stated if you want consistent heights and harvest times it’s better to run photoperiod plants and take clones. I’ve been running the same genetics (clones) for over 9 months now for example.