PH'd Nutrients drift while on shelf


I pre-mixed my nutrients and when I went to use it 4 days later the PH was acidic. Is it necessary to mix fresh every time?


Good ? I am not sure I only mix up what I need and use it…
@bob31 or @Donaldj might know.

Sorry this is the best I can do for you.


The chemicals in your nutrient mix will interact with each other a fact all hydro growers know all too well this usually happens slower with plants consuming and buffering as well from medium but nutrients come in separate bottles for a reason :wink: You can premix but ph adjusting should be closer to time of use


Thank you for the advice


Great thank you for the advice


I only mix what I need @EnthusiasticGrower because of the pH


Ill mix and let stand over night occasionally but only ph at the time of use
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I appreciate your advice thanks