PH won’t go up and I’m flushing as much as I can!

Guys I’m in deep trouble, the run off I’m getting is 4.8 for PH, I’m sitting here flushing with properly PHed water, I’ve even upped the PH 9.0 in hopes of balancing out the soil. NOTHING. The PH isn’t moving.

Ph meter you using ?

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You will nuke your plants doing that! Never PH out of max range (5.3 to 6.8 to carry every medium). The only thing you can do, assuming PH meter is reliable is to dress soil with dolomite lime and water in.

When did you calibrate meter last?

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It was calibrated yesterday feeding a different plant. I was able to get the PH up to 6.3 by doing that. I had it under the tap for a good while, my tap is like 7.3 typically and it wasn’t doing ANYTHING to change to the Ph. My medium is fox farm ocean forest and it was properly PHd on its last feeding. I have no idea what happened or how it dropped so much so fast, but i think it’s good now. I was panicking for real.

Some generic PH reader. Just says PH on it lol, it’s yellow.

Soil or nutes ?

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They just got their first round of nutes, as it’s day 3 of flower, up until now it was all nutes from seed/soil. My best guess, is that when I fed them last, I didn’t properly mix my nutes with the water and when I took the PH the reading was off because of the difference in Ph throughout the watering can? Im not exactly sure, even if that’s the case 6.1-4.8 is a huge leap.

We just need a better look into your grow and what is going on ,it could be a lot of things but by you giving pics and more info we can start ruling some of those possibilities out

I’ve thrown several of those away. Try to get one a little better & always use storage fluid when capping it. The Aprea 20 is a good place to start.

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