Ph , watering and feeding questions


No bottled water, get a PH meter, here the one I got very easy to use.

Just use the meter and vinegar to get PH to 6.5 for watering. Soil look up Foxfarms, they have soil and nutrients that are well known and used by a lot of us.

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Before going to route of using bottled water or a filtration system, it is worthwhile testing the TDS/ppms of the tap water you have. Do you have a well or town/city supply?


I have tap water from the faucet


OK. Town/city water is chlorinated. If your tap water comes from the city/town (do you get a bill from your town for your water and/or sewer?) then you will want to let it sit for a day for the chlorine to evaporate, before pH’ing and adding nutrients (if any to be added).

If your tap water comes from a well, it isn’t chlorinated, so no need to wait for the chlorine to evap.

When you get the TDS/ppm meter, measure the ppms and pH and we can use this to determine if your water is in decent shape for your plants


The wash. According to the growers bible, this is only necessary when there is a burn (or some other) problem that makes it necessary to wash out the soil. Risky as it oversaturates the soil. Is this the same as flushing? Really confusing since I thought I saw somewhere that this should be done regularly. Can someone elaborate on this?

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Nutrition: I am planning on using Dyna Gro grow and bloom. I read in a post here that every feeding someone was adding cal mag at every feeding. Should I be doing that? How much? Only during grow stage or also during bloom stage? ME <= Dazed and Confused.

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Some folks do flush at regular intervals. for example, some folks flush in between a change in nutrient schedule (grow to flower nutrients). Some people flush a week or so before harvest to minimize the amount of nutrients in the buds when you cut them down (supposedly reduces smoking harshness)

I have only flushed when I have a problem (high ppms in my case) or at the end of the grow as a harvesting technique.


It depends on your water source. I have well water and it comes with calcium and magnesium in it, so I have never used cal mag.


RE: tap water

Many places now use Chloramine instead of chlorine in tap water. Chloramine takes days to evaporate and will kill off good bacteria in soil during that time. You can slowly carbon-filter it out tho…just go slow.


That sounds a lot more reasonable to me and far less risky. Thank you.


I have city water. Should I use cal-mag?


Im about to purchase a ph and ppm meter from amazon do i get one that is for water or soil, any recommendations ?


My tap water measures only 40 ppm TDS and has chloramine. So even if I carbon filter it I’d still have to use CalMag+. So using RO from the machine, at my small scale, isn’t so bad.


You talk about flushing if pH is too low. My soil is 3. One plant doing OK, the others leaves are dying at the outside edges. How do I go about “flushing”? What product (Amazon?) can I use now and going forward? I too am new to this, and would really appreciate your input. Thanks.


Get one for water. This is a good one

The folks here have you pointed in the right direction. If you’re interested in a Super Soil grow which is water only, I’m nearly done with my second super soil grow. This might be up your alley if you’re looking for simple.
First grow.

Current grow


Get the one for water


Now that you do that do you still nuit in veg stage? I was told there is no need to nuit in veg with using fox farm ocean mix

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Since I typically used feminized seeds ilgm I am afforded the luxury of deciding how long I can veg for. Usually I start to feed nutrients in the veg cycle around week 5 or so. But this last time I didn’t feed at all during veg and then started up in flower I believe. I did not seem to run into any problems by not feeding in veg. My next grow I’m considering doing half feeding in veg and half not just to kind of see if I notice anything remarkable /difference. To answer your question I usually do feed in later veg but this last time I did not. I hope this helps. Have a nice night


I should also add i ph everything that goes into the soil and I used 7 gallon fabric bags but filled with only 5 gallons of soil. I got the bigger pots just in case if I ever want to try a scrog or only grow a couple of plants under my lights but want some big ones etc.


FYI…always check clearance rack in Walmart, etc… just picked up a grill thermometer for 5 bucks…gonna use for soil temps…and bbq…lol!!:sunglasses: