pH water or soil tester?

I have a question about pH meters. I’m new and not familiar with them so do I need to have both or just one or the other? I use organic soil with nothing in it ( no added nutrients). Any help is appreciated!

Definitely measure water.

One more - I should measure water, now that is straight from faucet before any nutes are added, right? What are good levels? Should I do any measuring of runoff water after feeding? What’s that about? Sorry if they sound silly, I’m learning. By the way, thanks.

Water from the faucet should sit in an open container for 24 hours first. pH should be measured after you add your nutes to it, as adding nutes will definitely lower its pH. Runoff pH and PPMs should be measured. 6.2 to 6.6 is a good pH for soil growers, and being on the high end of that range is best during flowering. You’ll want to go heavier on nitrogen during veg and transition more toward potassium and phosphorus during flowering. PPMs vary depending on the age of your plants. Seedlings need nothing at all. PPM demand increases in veg though flowering, and you’ll want to go water only the last couple of week before harvest.


Thanks, that explains a lot. Plus I’m waiting on my trio of fox farms to get here. I think all I really need now is the pH tester, so I should be good to go. Will start taking proud photos soon!

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If your hydro let the water sit out with an air stone to dechlorinate, I see your soil so it’s not as big an issue with soil. Right from tap, add nutes test pH and then add up or down to get it at 6.5ish
My tap is like 7 ish pH with 80 ppm… no worries…

I didn’t pay attention to you going no nutes and concentrating on 100% organic… My bad .if your doing it totally organic ya your right or collect rain water which I guess I’m a hypocrite cause that’s what I aim for…lol

I am using organic soil with no added nutes. It’s actually miracle grow organic soil called nature’s care. I just got fox farms trio so that’s what I’m gonna use. I was using Schultz nutes for cactus. So I needed that info, appreciate it. It’s easier to get info from here, harder from my own health insurance!!

This soil is not PH balanced for cannabis and you will, REPEAT! You will have problems.


I’d like to echo what @Myfriendis410 said about Miracle Grow. Here’s a picture from a post of a forum member who had problems with it just this past week. Miracle Grow is bad news.

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Thanks for the heads up. I’m guessing the other easy soil to get is fox farms, huh? Which one, the frog or the ocean one?

What makes it bad? I’ve been using it. So far, nothing bad. Could you look it up on Amazon? I just wanted to make sure. It says organic and no added nutes. It’s miracle grow organic nature’s care in bright green bag. Thanks again, I just wanna grow good ganja, that’s all!

There’s your answer.

You’ll be chasing issues the entire grow. Worst in late flower when the PH dives down to around 3.5 or 4.0 and you can’t do a thing about it.

I use ffof soil and happy frog for younger stuff plus I also use the trio for nutes, amungst a couple other products. Regardless you’ll be so much better off starting with the happy frog then ya won’t need any nutes well into veg or flower dependent on lenght of veg ofcourse. I say happy frog cause it’s a slight bit less hot and better starter for all around. Like friend said you won’t even have to worry about pH problems and chasing mystery nute issues. You already mentioned it so go with your gut on the soil. And you won’t have to worry about your water either… LOL again I apologise about not paying attention to your post yesterday. BTW I have 2 pH pens and sware by them it’s a necessity…