PH too high, any tips pls

I have everything under control with my girls, except for a really high PH, I am just after some tips on bringing down the alkaline? No actual signs of distress but the ph metre is going sky high.

Can we get more info please?

Type of media?
Ph of water in and water out?
Anything else about your grow that may seem important?

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I am going to get some more strips to double check, I got a over the counter 3 in 1 tester. Tests light soil wetness and ph. I think the meter is shot. I put it in my water without any nutrients, and it showed the ph as over 7. I am using 20 perlite to 80 potting mix.
It is showing 7.5 -8 in the soil, out is 6.5-7. No signs of stress, no yellowing or Browning. So I am not sure if this on meter is reliable.

Those cheap ph probes are garbage I hear. You need a ph meter and test the ph of water going in and out

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a decent PH n PPM Meter set is critical. $20 online

paper test strips dun work very well

Thanks for the info, I will get a decent one