PH tip I’ve learned

Yeah I actually used 2 different ph meters when I first noticed. I swore they were wrong and I recalibrated both of them and got the same results. I still wasn’t convinced it was correct so I used ph strips from amazon to confirm.

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How did you get the ph level?

The only thing those are good for is knowing when the soil needs water. The ph meter on them is horrible and will give you the same value no matter the h level. Get a digital one and get one of these ppm meters too. They will let you know if you need to add nutrients.

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What equipment was used to check the ph of the soil?

Ph decreases with an increase in temp as well as ph increases with a decrease in temp but I’ve never seen it change that much without a huge temperature variance.

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They say experience is best taught by trial and error. I believe you there are way to many different factors in each environment. Happy growing friend.