pH testing questions

This is my first grow. I have three 8 week old plants growing indoors in soil. I understand the importance of pH but I still have some questions.
So far I’ve only tested the pH of the run-off water and it was ~5.5. Do I need to test the pH of the actual soil somehow as well?
I am aiming for a pH of 6.5 and I have some pH Up and I added 1ml to a gallon of water. The resulting pH of this solution was 8.5 and I used it to water a plant. I tested the run-off again but the pH didn’t change much. Do I keep doing this repeated until the run-off pH is at the goal or does the pH change over a longer time?


In soil I don’t worry a whole bunch about the runoff ph. I just make sure that my water going in is at 6.5


welcome to the community. you want to test whats going in and whats going out in my opinion.


Just stay at 6.5 going in if it’s loaded soil

A couple of articles I found useful


The water going in is 6.5. If I don’t test the runoff pH, what pH do I test and how?

What is “loaded soil”?

Thank you. Very helpful.

@beardless bro bro bro lol, that video is funny and informative.

Fox farm soil, big rootz etc has fertilizer already amended in it sometimes the soil is hot and your gonna get low ph as long as plant looks good, personally I wouldn’t go to 7 & 8 ph to over correct ph that’s just me happy growing

I grow in soil and i ph my water between 6.0-6.5

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