Ph testing. Method

To get an idea of my soils ph I test the runoff of my watering, but I saw a soil tester that you stick in soil like a thermometer test ph and other stuff. Anybody use these?

was looking at one of those myself…an experienced review would be cool.

I use the soil ph tester. It seems to work well. I had trouble at first but i got easier.

They’re not accurate for long. They might work well early on, but they all go to shit lol.

I had bought 3 different ones from different brands when I was growing in soil. Ended up having terrible pH problems in my soil. My meter was lying to me after a few weeks each time with each meter I tried.

They are GREAT for testing how much moisture is in the pot though!

But for accurate oH reading for soil I would always recommend testing the runoff pH.

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Was looking for thermometer for worm bin and my compost that’s like $19 but saw for $23? A 4 in 1 Moisture ph therm and ?

And on the subject of additives . Is there much of a difference between brands If npk about the same is one better than another like advanced nutrients vs general hydro vs dynagrow? Was trying to make my own mix. " Jheezy soil for when u want it easy" Wood ash natural source of k? Or p. One of those. Is that as simple as burning a log?

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That’s how I’ve been doing it. When I do do it. Lol. Guess I’ll stick with plain thermometer for worm bin. If I even do that -probably save the $20.

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I had one never worked right :disappointed:

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From my understanding, you pretty much have to polish the probe with fine emory cloth after each use to have any hope for an accurate reading.

I’ve tried 3 different probe testers and have thrown them all away. I’ve never tried the one you’ve shown.

Hi! I paid 14 euros for one of those, tests pH, moisture and light intensity. Since I don’t have anything to compare it with quality wise, I really cant say how good it is, but for now, I guess its ok. You can get them at any decent garden store.