PH tester and Jewelers Loupe?

I’m on amazon and will buy in the next 20 minutes. I need a PH tester and Jewelers Loupe…

Apera SX 620 comes with everything for $83…or the AI311 which is already calibrated?

No idea on the loupe…

The Apera are good meters I have the apera 20. As far as the loupe goes get one with the highest power.


I would suggest a usb microscope I have a jewelers loop and I purchased a usb microscope and it’s the difference between great and good. JMO.


Aspera 20 or aspera 60 will work great.
I spent a little extra and picked up the Bluelab ph pen.


Like this?

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Thanks everyone…I got the blue lab pen and cal-mag can’t get here fast enough…I skipped the jewelers loupe…I didn’t realize it was a lighted magnifier…I already have one of those maybe I should try using it…


Yes that is the one I purchased.
Best ph pen I ever had.
The pen reminds you to calibrate every 30 days.
And very easy to calibrate.

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This is cheap and works excellent

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I just went back and bought the usb microscope…should’ve ordered it the other day. Thanks for the suggestion…
I didn’t know what it was or what it would do and just landed on a how to use video and was like sheez…and ordered

I’d get a stand for it. You will find it is a lot easier to get clear and steady photos.

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What kind of stand do you have for your microscope? Do you set it up and zoom into the plants or do you get the microscope up I to the plants?

I got mine and I finally got it working and the pictures are amazing but I definitely need to refine my process…

Thanks for your help and info!

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