pH substitute baking soda for pH Up

As I am awaiting my pH Up to come via mail, my question is, can I use baking soda mixed in water to raise my pH?

Yes I do it all the time, I add a half a teaspoon (per gallon) at a time and keep testing as I add

If you go over you can use vinegar to bring it down

… I just noticed this is 5 months old LOL oh well :peace:

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I have seen a soda bottle with a pin hole dripping vinegar into a pie pan of baking soda to creat a steady supply of Co2 also and always wondered if that really worked @Paranorman

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That is interesting @Oldstoner I would use that method if it works.

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Yeah me to @SativaStone it only cost the guy pennies a day and he swore by it .