pH questions help

A question from a fellow grower:

Within this informational blessing you’ve sent me I’m left with a question. What ph should “promix bx m” be before planting germinated seeds. I put 7.0 filtered and adjusted water in and drainage was 5.2. I started again with fresh one gallon of promix and tried straight filtered water, 8.9 and drainage was still low. Time and more water through same one gallon pot and finally, 6.0. I’d love to not need ph adjuster but Roots Organics will bring the water too low. I’ve heard that if I wait a day after mixing nutes with water the ph may settle a bit before I add a bunch of adjuster.

When I grow with ProMix BX; I just water with properly ph’d solution. I have never had an issue. I believe that the ingredients buffer the PH to an extent. The only time I worry about PH is if and when I develop an issue. By always mixing and adjusting your PH properly you should be fine. PH at 6.2-6.5

Happy Growing.

Thank you Lakewood. I uploaded two pics successfully but when I tried the third it’s now saying uploading 100% semi circle is still spinning . Won’t stop so I can try again.

When a page does not resolve for me; I try to refresh.

Sometimes, I feel it is because I am working during peak hours and everyone in the neighborhood is online. (this slows down your connection and can cause issues with data transfer.

If you cannot get the page to resolve, or an image fails to complete; I clear my cache. (Tools>Options>Advanced>Clear cache)

You can also download CCleaner for free and use it to clear all the crap off your C:Drive. It also has a registry fix option. :slight_smile:

After clearing all the temp files and garbage from my Hard Drive, I restart PC. Usually these actions clear up the issue, and you can get back to work.

hope this helps. lw

Thanks, the image did pop up eventually. You are right it was a speed issue.

This site is Awsome. Very deep. Even without a membership. Can’t wait till I can afford to see how deep the rabbit hole goes. :smiley: