PH question with new auto flower grow

This is my first grow, I have 3 Gorilla Glues auto’s in 3 gal. fabric pots. Medium is Sunshine Advanced Mix #4 that I originally added 3 cups of Worm castings per 3 gal pot. I’m using the Fox Farms Trio. I am just starting flower stage and I PH’d my Nute solution to 6.7. I have heard that testing the run off is a good idea so I did. The runoff PH was 6.0. My question is what does this data tell me about my PH , soil and plant health?

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@Chitown56; Welcome to the community. Can you help @Myfriendis410 I’m still learning about FF Trio

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Also, should my runoff equal the ph of what I input? And if its lower what does it mean?

That’s only half of the data you really need from a runoff test. Seeing how strong the salts are coming off is important too so you want to measure the ppm’s of the runoff as well.

A picture of the plant in white light would be nice…

I forgot to mention they are outside. The plants look healthy to me just wondering if run off being less than input means anything negative.

The plant in the first picture is 2 weeks older than the other 2.

They look nice and healthy.Like Myfriendis410 said. What are your PPM’s reading in your run off.

No idea, I do not have a meter, I only have a PH meter.