PH Question need help

How long does it take to bring the ph up from 6.0to 6.5? Tds is around 1120 to 1950. i"m in soil. Using Jack’s RO blend. Plant’s arein 7 gal fabric pots. Water to runoff usually 1 3/4 gal of water with about 1 quart of runoff. I’ve brought the ph up to around 6.5 to 6.8 with no good results in bringing up the ph. Just starting 5th week of flowering.

Water with solution pHed to 7.5 to bring it up to 6.5. pH is measured on a logarithmic scale, so you don’t want to be too aggressive about it. It can take a couple of waterings to bring the pH back up.


Was there an issue with your plants? The runoff pH is not necessarily an accurate representation of the soil pH. Often, people cause problems trying to correct issues that don’t exist.
I check runoff EC/TDS, but I stopped checking runoff pH a long time ago unless I see something starting to happen with a plant.


Yeah my leaves are turning yellow fast throughout the plant

Yellowing sounds like a lack of nitrogen. Its possible there could be some type of nute lockout from the ph being really low

Hang on , lets see a whole pic of the plant. Youre in week 5 of flower? What strain? @jdw


Lights are off right now. Banana kush Cali dream and Gdp. I found some pictures from last week


I posted some pictures from last week @MidwestGuy @Cap_Ron @Medicineman33

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When was the last time you fed? Your banana kush will start yellowing around week 5 into 6 .
This is a banana kush i harvested last year


Night before last with Jacks Bloom, week before that a round of Flower fuel buy it’s self with fo water

They just look hungry to me. Usually with lockout or pH problems the leaves will look worse than that and have brown/burned looking spots. What kind of nutrients are you using?


Jacks Ro Blend. Also hit em with a round of Flower Fuel

I’m not familiar with Jacks. Sorry, but there’s plenty of people who can help you. It might be a ratio issue. Someone will come along who knows the Jacks stuff well. Maybe @Covertgrower can help.

Thought they may need some p & k

@Covertgrower CAn you look over my situation

Nitrogen and/or Mag

If you’re feeding with Jack’s RO and bloom according to the feed schedule and still getting yellowing there may be a nutrient lockout. If that’s the case I’d run the amount of water you normally use with 5ml per gallon of GH florakleen through to release the lockout. Then feed as normal next watering. I’d wait for someone else to diagnose the issue though.

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Ditto @Cap_Ron thats not lockout, ive had a few before that just stayed hungry for nitrogen a while after i switched to bloom nutes. Week 5 of flower? Its probably being depleted and you will probably see some fall colors soon


My pH is 6.1 to 6.3 is that low enough to lock out any nutrients. My last watering I just used straight RO with cal/mag. Runoff numbers were 989 to1120. I’m using Jack’s ro blend for fertilizer.

No thats right on for growing in peat and only slightly low for soil growing. You might just have some autumn colors starting