PH question. Canna coco medium and canna coco nutrients

I have a private well at my house and the ph reads 7.1. I am going to be growing in canna coco amd will be using the canna coco nutrients. What is my optimal ph range for watering my plants with these nutrients? Thank you very much

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5.3 to 5.8 is nominally what you want although I do everything at 6.0 now.


Myfriendis410 has you set, directly from canna’s web page

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Thanks both of you. Didnt realize it says it right on the bottle. Doh

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Would this be the same reading if you were using the bio-canna line in organic soil with fabric smart pots?

This is old document, I would check information on labels or visit their website for latest information. If you have trouble finding let me know.

I’m not really familiar with bio canna line. But I suspect using it in organic soil that they may recommend ph a little higher than what they do for coco.