Ph problems too high

Hi all, I made a huge mistake by using lime to lower the ph and it’s causing a lot of issues with yellowing of the plants… I replaced as much soils as possible in my 100 litre pots and used a bit of sulphur to lower the ph in the remaining soil before topping up with fresh soil… is there anything else I can do to get some colour back into them and get them feeding again. Foil spray perhaps and what would I use… thanks in advance.

How old / big are the plants? A good flushing with a low PH balanced water may help! See if we can get some big hitter help @dbrn32 @Countryboyjvd1971


Most likely you going to need to get ph back in expectable range before she will recover
Soil should be in 6.3-6.8 range
The damaged leaves most likely won’t recover
Depending on how much damage you did
You can try giving her a good flush but your in a decent size pot and would need to flush 5x the pot size through it
Or you can try flushing with a flushing agent like
Sledgehammer by fox farms or Similar type of product

Can you post a picture


Lime is ph neutral and has been used in amended gardening soils for a long time. Farmers treat their ground with ground with ot after harvests too. Unfortunately it also usually has a ton of calcium which can cause problems with other nutrients in excess amounts. In most cases its recommended to use a couple of tablespoons per gallon of soil mixed in well, and then be left to dissolve within the soil. It should act to help buffer the ph in your root zone, but not be used regularly as a ph adjusting tool.

I would follow the guidelines countryboy posted above. A suitable flushing agent should help.