pH problems. Please help a new grower!

Hey guys, this is my first time ever trying to grow. I am using a top feed DWC “bubbleponics” hydro method. My 2 Northern Lights and 2 Gold Leaf seeds sprouted on March 6 and I moved them into my 3x3x6’ tent that night. The first week I used straight pH water that was somewhere in the 5.5-6 range. My 4 plants (all sharing 1 reservoir for now) grew great the first week, maybe there was a little stretch until I lowered and increased the power on my 600w MH light.

I replaced the water in the reservoir on on 3/13 and added the first nutrients (about a 1/4 tsp of General Hydroponics trio per gallon of water for a total of 5 gallons). On 3/11 I had to turn the lights off in the tent for about 5 hours. On 3/14 the lights were off for 10.5 hours! Otherwise they are on 24/7.

I now realized that since replacing the water in the reservoir, my pH has been around 7+. Last night I tried to remedy that, but today they spent the day in a ph of under 5.

Please take a look at the attached photos and let me know what you guys think is the main problem. 1st GL has brown spots in middle of leaf. 2nd GL seems to be slightly dark. 1st NL looks like its about to die, but its been a bad plant from the beginning so I never had high hopes. The 2nd NL appears to be twisting on the sides. All the plants appear soft and are droopy compared to before. Lights are at 100% at about 31" away at the moment so I doubt it is light burn of any kind. I am guessing my royal ph !@#$up is what caused the damage? Temps are steady around 77 f and rH in high 40s. I have stabilized the pH this evening. Should I go ahead and flush the reservoir again? Should I give the plants plain pH water? Will they recover? Any forensics and advice would be most appreciated!

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