Ph problems, Im in week 7 of flowering and my ph is about 8 ,is it too late

I’m a beginner and I’m in week 7 of flowering, I just checked my ph and it’s high about 8,dont have a digital tester yet, was wondering what is the best way to lower it or am I just as well letting these finish. I’m hard headed and there actual in miracle grow soil, been reading and seeing exactly how dumb I am. Trying to learn as much as I can b4 I try these 3 fax, s.

That’s supposed to say gsc at end I’m internet illiterate? Too.

What are you reading the ph with?

Just a ph,meter you stick in soil, thanks for replying, I confuse myself

Oh I bought it at Lowe’s a three way meter says hold all brand name.

Yeah, don’t rely on that reading. Wait until you get your digital meter before doing anything. The moisture probe is about the only thing that reads ok on those. I rip my ph probe off so I’m not not causing as much root damage.

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Yeah that’s it, K what kind of digital meter should I get?

You can go with a cheap $15 ph meter but you’re going to be calibrating often. If you can swing $50 this is what a lot of us use. Holds calibration really well

Cool man, I can swing that, I’m going to order that one today, I really appreciate your help, I’m impatient do you think I be better off just finishing these 2 gold leafs, 2 California dreams, there probly just going to make a couple o, s a piece if that?Ive tried but obviously? Got ALOT to learn

Thanks ALOT just ordered it,

Definitely finish them out. At 7 weeks of flower they should be about done anyhow.

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Yeah they are, Sorry, I meant with just watering like usual, just got calmeg, didn’t know if I should do anything different.

Hard to say without seeing them. Have any pics?

I haven’t figured out how to post a picture yet, I, m going to work on that, thanx again, you helped me a bunch, Got a million questions but won’t confuse us both, peace Bobbydigital.

Click this little button here to upload a photo buddy

So @Bobbydigital I got my ph20 tester kit andsteve the risk of sounding a little slow, Do I need a different tester for my ppms ,if so would you recommend one, also I’m just preparing for my next grow, I’m trying 3 gsc, I’ve been reading and trying to figure out how to check my ph,and ppms can’t quite put it together, hope, I’m making it harder than it really is, thanks in advance.

You can go cheap with tds (ppm) meters. Mines been going for 2 years now and hasn’t had any issues.

I think I could handle the ph inn tap and the run off, but now I’m confusing myself with ppms,

Thanks @Bobbydigital,appreciate it, you come through again, Im going to order that and plan for next grow, I decided to start my fish on them other for, start week 10 Tommorrow. Peace

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Ppms (parts per million) are a measurement of your total dissolved solids (TDS). EC (electrical conductivity) is another way of reading TDS. Think of it like how temperature can be read in Fahrenheit and Celsius.

Ppms/ EC give you an idea of how nutrient rich your solution is. This is a general ppm level per plant stage

  • Seedlings: 100-250 (nutrients aren’t needed here, hence there’s not a lot of particles needed)

  • First Half of Vegging Cycle: 300-400 (this is usually after you transplant, which still doesn’t require many nutrients)

  • Second Half of Vegging: 450-700 (you’ll start giving your plants more nutrients at this stage)

  • First Half of Flowering: 750-950 (your plants will be eating more as they grow, so they’ll be taking in more nutrients)

  • Second Half of Flowering: 1000-1600 (this is when your plant’s eating the most, especially if you give it additives)

  • End of Flower, Entering Harvest: As close to 0 as possible (this is when you’ll be flushing your plants, so you don’t want there to be a lot of particles leftover)

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