Ph problems il dwc

Hi growers,

I’m using dwc method, ghe nutes (terra aquatica), ro water, 24 celcius and around 50% humidity in my grow room.

I have this one issue with ph which always and I mean always I have a problem with and I found no solution to fix the issue.

My ph drops down every single day to around 3.9-4.0 and stays there, usually it happens after 14 days of water replacement (mixed nutes as plant takes what it needs) but this grow started from the beginning, every damn day it drop to 4.0. Every day I add 10ml of ph up which keeps it steady for around 4 hours at 5.8 them you will see it drop slowly slowly back to 4.0.

No idea what the problem is, below are the solutions I tried to do -

Reduce air pump flow
Increase slightly water temp to 20celcius
Add baking soda
Changed water reservoir
Feed less nutes
Added ph 7 water daily

Nothing of this solved the issue.

I searched over and over and no one has an answer to my problem, the ec in the water never moves up or down its steady at 1.3ec plant is 3 weeks old

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