PH problems again

3.5 oz. The top cola weight 19 grams

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Awesome, how tall was she, I see u use a led, soil r hydro. Sorry for the q and a. Just trying to learn

It was my first grow. I’m using soil and the light is Viparspectra 600watt. From the top of the soil to the top of the plant I’d say about 5ft tall. Without the help of this forum, it never would have turned out so good.

If ya wanna check out my second grow, look for “I wanna try a scrog” in the beginner section

If your thinking about buying the Pure Indica, it’s an easy plant to start with but low yield. I got it because it’s a beginner and helps with insomnia. It being a 14% THC I can smoke it all day without being paralyzed and it has a good full body buzz. I blazed with a co worker who apparently is a weekend toker and two hits later, that fool giggled for like an hour lol.


This is my 2nd grow. The first didn’t go so great. But I learned a lot got it to were in ready to order good fem seeds, in so tired of bag seeds. Even throw this grow is my 3rd will be girl scout cookies,
Jut ordered a 400w Apollo hps kit , I used a 150w cfl last time and um no. Good for seeds and clones but not buds, not for me. I do see people who have good results,
Thanks for the info I may try that strain soon, need a good one for work,

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Yeah, CFL’s work good for veg but they lack the correct color spectrum for flower. The led I have has two switches. One for veg and another for bloom so it’s kinda like an all in one set up and they use less power than MH/HPS bulbs. Also they give off less heat too. Anyway not trying to sell ya anything. Go with what works for you. Here’s the down side to LEDs…
600watt led uses about 300 watts power. There for your plant receives 300watts. 400watt hps uses 400watts of power. Plant receives 400watts. I can’t explain it lol

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Good to know