PH problems again

I’ve phed water@ 7-7.5 and run off is 5 .
Can I water @ 8-8.5

Maybe one of the veterans here can help…what kind of soil are you using? im still very new at this but certain soils need to be flushed before use…

before i found this forum i started with Miracle Grow, i hear it can be hot. Luckily i only used enough to fill 3/4 of an 8 oz foam cup, then when i transplanted i used Fox Farm Happy Frog. I phed the run off and i think it was like 6 ish or so. I try to ph all my watering and nutes to between 6 and 6.5

Happy frog by fox farms is a good soil I use fox farms ocean forest and it is a bit of a hot soil but the miracle grow is time released and feeds every time you water ocean forest gets you pretty much all the way to flowering

I use happy frog to. Its great but have to monitor ur ph like its on parole, this is my 2nd. Indoor grow an the ph is my main nemesis,

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Ph @ 7.5
Run of @ 5

Are you by any chance checking the ph before you add nutrients? That can drop the ph quite a bit.

No when I feed its after lol

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I used miracle grow moisture control with my first grow and had the same numbers you’re having. Although it didn’t seem to affect the Pure Indica. I eventually didn’t worry about it anymore and feed/water around 7 pH


Nice plant man. How is the smoke ?

Heres is what ive learned if your runoff is lower then what you want then you need to raise your ph of your water/mix it can take some doing to work it out but remember let it wonder around as long as runoff is 5.5-6.5 your golden if i were in your shoes id walk it up slow and watch your plant or plants for signs of high ph but one last thing have you checked you calibration on your ph pen my pen was off by .50 after my first grow so i check my pen one time a month

I agree with u, I’ve really stopped using my pen an went back to just the test kit with the liquid drops, and tested 2 times right after then again 2 more times about 15 mins. Later. Still orange with is 5 on my test bottle.
With my first grow I started in a 2 gal. And left her there, this time im starting in a small 1 r 2 quart pot and moving to a 4 gal. In about 2 weeks. My Lil girl is only a a seedling about to get her first round of nutes maybe Monday gotta see ways up with this ph, I thought I had it to some degree im not saying im the man by any means but I was doing ok for a little bit there and then idk the 2 times its been low.

After I water termed I put in small pot its been about 3 weeks, has the soil lost most of its nutes and i should transplant sooner?

She turned out rock hard and for a medium THC she does the job nicely.

I hope this helps

Pick this up today too

By the time get all the fox farm products it’s time to start buying them all over again, but its worth it

Your plant looks better than the one on the ilgm website, will u post a closeup pic of the bud please?


And here’s a small one after trim

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Very nice, how much after curing?