PH problem, too alkaline

Hey can anyone recommend a good PH meter? I’ve got one of those two prong dark green ones that measures PH, moisture, and light. Moisture works fine, don’t use the light (outdoor grow), but the PH, not so sure. Measures 8.0 in all my plants but also measured around my pine trees and same thing, doesn’t make sense. My water itself is testing between 6.5 and 7.0…don’t want to add something if I don’t need it.

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Apera and Bluelab both make great pH meters. The pronged meters are unreliable.


Bluelab or apera are favourites here


If your also looking for a ppm/ec pen👇

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This meter gets the job done quite well and is 1/3 the price of blue lab. I’ve been using this same meter for 3 years with 0 problems @rusticwhisper. It stays in calibration really good.


I have bluelab meters, they work great. I also understand that everyone has a budget, these metres can get pricey. I’ve started organics so I don’t use mine that much anymore :joy:


Thank you! They are pricey!


Works just as well as the other “good” ones. You really need a good meter if you’re going to do this well @rusticwhisper. Ph and light are critical. Generally…with correct ph…you’ll have very few issues.

Am I reading this one wrong? I’m trying to test soil, not water. I have an outdoor grow…sorry, new to this

You have to test the ph of the water and nutrients you feed the plants in soil. You have to test the runoff after you drench the plants with a ph meter. the ph meter that sticks in the soil is junk. It’s so inaccurate, you have no idea what the ph really is. I had one when I first started. You can buy soil test kits, but they are only good enough to tell you if the ph is ok. Ph is critical to good results

Ahhh ok, makes sense now, should it be the same throughout growing stages? I’ve read different things.

What they all say

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