PH & PPM in organic soil


@Skydiver & @garrigan65

I am using supersoil mix in my outdoor grow boxes and everything looks good.

I have what I feel is a lag in growth in my grow bags.

I used happy frog on the top and ocean forest at the bottom knowing that I would be transplanting to the raised beds with supersoil.

I have not been adjusting PH on my tap water, I am using a boogie brew chlorine filter only. PH ranges from 7.5-8.5.

I did a slurry test on the grow bags(HF and OF mix) I took a sample a few inches down, so maybe didn’t get any OF in my slurry.

I got a PH of 6.2 and PPM of 820.

Do these numbers sound normal?

I decided to pot up to a 10 gallon bag with one that had what I believe is nitrogen deficiency using supersoil a few days ago.

I tested it and got 6.6 PH and 2240 PPM.

Do these figures sound normal?

I’m really mostly concerned about PH. All my grow experience has been soil and I never tested PH or PPM.



Look my friend. Your growth in your plants has nothing to do with your ingredients . It’s all genectic’ establish there root zoon they will more than double in size REAL QUICK
and in there root development. Once they establish that watch out my friend and they will. explode.

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Regarding PPM readings.
Think about it. Your taking soil mixing with water and then reading all the stuff from the soil in the water…gonna read high. This isn’t what I would do nor worry about much if your soil in living. Did you get your water source Ph handled with the RO unit? ie removed that one Ph increasing filter? If so and the RO is doing it’s job should be closer to 7.0 ph
Any pics of the issue with the problem plant you can post?
As Garrigan said could be genetics too. I have 2 Medijuana grown from seed and one is absolutely beautiful the other looks like it has a skin (leaf) disease like a rash…color is off but is growing fine…

BTW the boogie filter only removes chlorine but does nothing for Ph.
I would grab some citric acid at Walmart or wherever (used in cooking/canning section) and adjust Ph to 7 or so and go from there


We can’t produce enough reverse osmosis water to handle all our plant needs. So I just went ahead and switched to the boogie brew filter off of our tap.

The plants are two months old and they are in 3 gallon pots. I believe that it’s possible they’re just starting to use up whatever they have in the soil.

I’ll post up pics when I get home.

Just wanted a reality check with the brain trust.


Regarding pH levels, do these seem acceptable?


For outside I get it using a hose and filtering out chlorine but for inside I would think the RO would be enough to water them but hey you know better what works for you. The soil outside is living and will handle a fairly wide range of Ph. Not sure what that acceptable range is exactly but guessing based on memory of what I have read would be between 6 and 8ph?


Sounds reasonable. Thank you for the input. When I do an all indoor grow I will use RO water.


I just transplanted another still thinking not enough nutes, but only saw a small amount of roots at the perimeter.

I’m now thinking that I don’t have an N deficiency, I think I’m over watering(rookie mistake).

I’m going to let them go bone dry this next cycle.

Photo of one just planted up to 10 gallon:


All the leaves have had a general droop with some yellowing.

Here is the group. A few NL in with the Skunk.


I’ll probably get chastised for this one but here is what I do now.
From time to time a fan leaf will take a hit for the team. When it looks too worn I pluck it and immediately my plant looks better and I have a better handle on if (easier to spot) I have more leaves in short order developed the same look then I know I need to address an issue.
Leaves discolor get spots burned tips. As long as it isn’t progressing thank the leaf for taking the hit and rip it off …lol

Yea overwatering or really dry plants can droop.
I’ve learned to read the leaves so when they droop and I know they should be dry I will water them. Sometimes one will show signs first and has to wait a bit longer as I want them all to start drooping if possible.

I think they look good to me all in all but hey I’m a rookie so take it all with a grain of salt…or a ball of hash (size of a mouse turd) and a couple hot knives…lol

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Thanks. They are not doing bad, it just seems that they stalled for a couple weeks. I FIM’d then supercropped them just before I starting seeing these issues.

I’m not paranoid about a few leaves, but combine that with drooping and I get a little concerned.


You have one of those soil probes that will measure moisture, light Ph? If you do they work…check at like 3”, 6” and deepest is goes and check readings at various depths in pots.
If not stick your finger way down there…lol


I don’t. I test by weight but I noticed some quarantined males that I have been “under loving” are lighter than I thought the threshold was and no droop.


I’ve noticed at first light they are droopy and they also get droopy right before lights out.
If after a few hours of lights on they start drooping or are still droopy then I know it’s getting close to needing watered. Also use the soil probe from time to time just to see how fast and at what depth the moisture is etc…

When you pot up that may also stall them as they may direct energy into roots if the smaller pot was rooted to sides and down to bottom as now they have more soil to root through…I think anyway.
Also the fimm and super will stress them a bit and can make them pause too.
Is the sun turned up all the way? Lol
Hell I’m tired and stoned…gonna hit the hay

BTW they look great :+1:


Thank you, goodnight!


Here is a great example of genetics
Both plants are from seed using the same soil and same everything but notice the difference of both leaf color and how they are growing.

This is the Medijuana strain that out of 10 seeds only 3 (waiting on 4th to pop but don’t have high hopes) out of the 10 have successfully germinated. Gonna need to take some clones of the most healthy one as I have no more of those seeds.


I definitely have a range of Phenos through my Skunk and NL plants.

The Afghani plants are all very similar.


Not at all… I do the same thing. :wink::v::bear:

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@AAA pretty sure I read you are in 10 gallon pots. Here is my experience using that size pot. My last grow using the 10 gallon pot I ran into the same issue with yellowing a lack of growth. I reached my hand into the side of the pot to feel how dry or wet the soil was towards the bottom. In my case it was bone dry. It seemed as soon as I watered to runoff the problem corrected itself. It takes about two gallons of water to get runoff on my 10 gallons pots. Also to add I start watering to runoff at about 5 to 6 weeks of veg. It seems to work for me.
On another note I ph my water to 6.35 to 6.5. I don’t really need to but I do anyway.
When I started reading my runoff the ph was at 6.2 and ppm started at around 1300 and ended at around 400. Filled pot about a 1/3 full of super soil. This grow I used 1/2 a pot of super soil. We’ll see how that turns out.

Based on photos four days ago of your plant looks like it might have a magnesium deficiency. Also something I ran into my last grow.