PH perfect in soil?

Ok guys seen some pretty awesome demos of AN’s ph perfect auto adjusting ph in hydro setups. Has anyone tried using these products in sunshine #4 promix hp? not talking coco since they make a line just for coco.

Now ph perfect is said to be stable ph for 1 week min in hydro within 5.5-6.2 ranging in soil this would lead to calmag issues however foliar can somewhat rectify that. The tests I have seen it was able to adjust ph from 4.5-8.5 right into the sweet spot with no ph up/down just the nutes as directed if this shit works in soil would like to hear how people are using it?

Thanks in advance a general hydro guy looking to mutany 3:)

Well; My 1st thought is; This is for hydro. My 2nd thought is; It is not hard to manipulate, or; To keep PH in line. Why would anyone want to spend extra money on some new “hydro” ph perfect solution; In order to use it in soil?

My 3rd thought is: AN has been innovative, only as far as they have copied successful products from all other companies. I would not be surprised to find this product in another Nutrient Company line.

My last thought is; We always try to make all our members experience a positive one. With the use of proven acids, and alkaline that are available on the market today; There is not reason to expose your grow medium to extra chemicals or *synthesized products.

  • I am not personally against all synthesized products. Just anything that claims to take elements in 2 directions.

Oddly Ph perfect base nutrients cost less than what I am currently using though take twice as much per dose and you are absolutely right it is a rip off from Canna. Their jungle juice series is a knock off of flora series etc.
My only wonder is wether it would be worth trying in soil, I have it running in a side by side comparison with flora series in DWC at the moment added it to my tap water ph of 8.3 half dose 2ml/L ph was 6 no up or down added took me 20ml ph down to get my other 5 gal to same ph after adding half dose flora series.
I don’t mind testing it in soil just for the hell of it have plenty of clones just thought perhaps some of our other forum members may have tried using it?

You’ve read where I stated I used the hobbyist line of Advance nutrients in the Lucas formula with ILGM nutrients . Now I have the whole line of Advance nutrients Grandmaster level . I have both Seni grow A & B , Sensi bloom A & B , Connisuer grow A & B , and Connisuer bloom A & B , with Sensi cal mag Xtra , and all the additives . But Roberts nutrients seriously is the best I’ve used so far , and I just started with Advance right at the beginning of my Auto grow . Hell I posted a picture of the whole line in my auto journal . Now I don’t have the micro , grow , and bloom , nor the coco line . Now I used Fox Farm trio , and I could not figure it out , and I stressed 5 plants total , and was able to save 2 with the Techna Flora line of The Recpie for Success , and once I revived the plants I recoeved Robert nutrients and finish them on ILGM .

Now I’ve ordered this line , and I’m planning on ordering the Dutch Masters line a some point , and I have general hyroponic trio as well . The reason being , you won’t know exactly until you used them , and see the results for yourself , because each one of our grow spaces is not exactly the same , which some yield 1-3 lbs , and the same grow you might run might be 46-150 grams .

All way use advanced nutrients products and Budswell and Super Tea thru out grow, NO complant’s

It is the Micro Grow Bloom I am currently testing and was unsure as to whether you had already used the line in soil and if you or anyone else may have found any challenges using it out of the ordinary? I seen you had ordered them but on same token could’ve been for hydro, I have been bouncing all over through forum posts and feel for the moderators here since keeping track of who does what damn near need to take notes lol.
What I am currently doing is growing 4 clones same mother same lights same same size all rooted same time same room temps etc. 2 soil 2 hydro 1 of each medium fed AN the other GH this is simply for the hell of it but serves practical future applications for me since both lines are always well stocked in my hydro shop. I have time since I am seasonal worker in my off season and space so doesn’t affect the plants I already have, run perpetual grow so always plants in veg and plants in flower and can easily keep track of 4 plants in my jungle. Mostly wondering how ph perfect will work in sunshine#4 will it buffer the mix between feeds or will I see mag def do ti it’s lower ph profile?

I will post my findings with AN PH perfect Sensi a+b for coco. Will be running GH Flora trio in my DWC and AN Sensi in my test coco/perlite grow.

DonaldJ JtheL if you interested in knowing how will Advance nutrients trio , Grow , Micro , and Bloom ph perfect line , Now I’ve grown an auto using ILGM trio booster nutrients with Advance Nutrients additives on the hobbyist level , and the Amnesia Haze did 69.9 grams dry .

What I meant to say Donaldj I ph always regardless of what AN say about ph perfect . Now I’ve added the measurements and my tap water is like 7.4 and my mix of Robert nutrients and AN additives did ph each gallon to 5.8 , but I do 5.8 maybe the first week or so , and than I go to 6.0 the rest of veg .

So I’m using th AN MGB 3 part perfect ph in ffof soil and they say AN sets at 5.5-6.3 and yet ffof sets at6.8 on average so what would my average run off and soil ph remain ? About 6.0-6.1?