Ph pen what is a good cheap one

what is a good budget ph pen

A couple of things to NOT CHEEP OUT ON, Lights, soil,seeds and Ph pens. Save money elsewhere. Look at the Aperia it seems well respected here, like mine as it is simple to use and the company has great service.


Vivosun Ph pen $14, Amazon You will pay now or pay later. Me personally wouldn’t go into flower with a cheap pen . Get a Apera or Bluelab pen


This. Both these guys are right, but there are things you simply shouldn’t cheap out on. pH meter being one of them as stated. One point of difference in pH is a 10x difference in alkalinity, so a cheap inaccurate meter will only create issues for you in the long run…

My recommendation is an Apera pH20. Around 50 or 60 on Amazon.


have you used one
also i dont know how to test soil ph


I have one. For soil pH, most people do a “slurry test”

I can’t recommend Aspera PH20 tester enough.

It’s not a cheapie BUT it’s not expensive either, very accurate, fast in reading and results, good
customer service AND it will last you a very long time.


can get a link to that pen not finding it on amazon

There on Amazon. “Apera ph pen”.

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I have bought several of the cheap ones & wish I would have got this one the first time.


my ph pen, vivosun 3 in 1, $40 one off amazon, says store dry ? anyone have this one, and could clarify storage AND using it ?? Not just calibrating it. All resourses just explain calibration. Pretty confusing since ive never had one before.


Any simpler user instructions that came with it would be much appreciated. What came with it is worse " how to" give ever seen come with anything.