PH out is low today

I’m on a artesian well. Tap water ph is at 7.2. Last nutes feeding about 7 days ago had ph of 6.3 in and 5.9 out. 4 days later I just watered with distilled water and didn’t ph it. 3 days later (today) I fed it again. Ph in after nutes added was 6.5 but out was 5.5. Could that be from the distilled water 3 days ago or do I have an issue? Also my well water has sulphur in it you can smell plus copper which turns a plastic milk jug a light brown if left to sit full of water. Don’t think that’s an issue but just checking. No tds meter till this weekend.

Your root zone is trending down, could be from a number of things. When you water or feed do you always do so to runoff? I feel like if you can use distilled or reverse osmosis water would be better if you did so all the time.


I found this article to be useful in that it explains the meaning of the readings better than most I have come across Runoff pH: Explaining the Bro Science | Curious Cultivations


@dbrn32 light question…I need more light now but I’m flat broke. Ready to flip soon. Have a 180 true watt blurple with a second light built in for flowers it emits red it appears. Found a china 6 cog with true 50w per cog. Claims it 1200w lol. Only $100. I’m going to throw $100 at it to help for right now. Am I crazy? Will get 2 hlg 260 rspec when I can. Im desperate!

You’re probably not crazy. But that $100 would put a nice dent into saving up for better light. I think I would consider saving it for now and just running with what you have.


Got tds meter finally. Trying to figure out how to read it lol. In the mean time my plant is dropping more bottom leaves. Using ff trio and never flushed yet. Thinking I should start with a full flush? Still lots of healthy leafs on upper canopy. I feel she’s gradually degrading overall. What’s a good amount of gallons to flush with? Should I check ph and ppms in and out every gallon of flush or? Ready to flip anytime but would like to get her healthy first. The tds meter is calibrated and factory set at 0.71 tap water says 91.9 how to I get ppm out of that?

I guess depends on what you mean by dropping. Turning yellow and dying is probably sign of being underfed. Wouldn’t make a lot of sense to flush. If they’re being toasted by nutrients then a flush would be in order.

Even my cheap $12 tds meter came with basic instructions, should be pretty self explanatory. I would water to a little bit of runoff, collect the runoff, and test it.

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Yes bottom is turning brown and falling off plant. Underfeeding is a good possibility. Will test as you said and send back results. Much appreciated.

Used new distilled water with no additives. Ph in 7 out 5.2. Ppm in .7 out 1.9 checked it 3 times how can it be. Checked calibration again beforehand to. I have only been feeding at about 5/8 reg dosage. Was concerned about to much not having meters before. If I need to feed more should I do full reg dose or heavy dose and can I do it now that plants fully watered or wait? Guess I’m a tad dense yet. :upside_down_face::pensive:

I think the 1.9 may be 1900.

I would check that your in ppm mode on the tester. Mine has a mode button. It sounds like you are in ec mode, and most people post ppm here. If you are in ec mode then your ppm is about 950. 1.9*1000/2

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Ph is way down how much over can I do at a time. Read only an extra o.5 over is that right? Also appears I have a fairly drastic nitrogen deficiency. Spent an hour researching and the pics fit to a tee ref leaves turning brown and dropping off and working up the stalk from the bottom more every day. Using ff grow big. Calls for 2-3 tsps for general feeding or 4 tsps per gal for heavy feeding. Only been feeding at about 5/8 reg dose. Should I start with 3 tsps or do 4 first time? Thanks all

Need ph help bad. Last feeding ph in 7 out 5.2. Three days later ph in 7 out 5 …ppm in around 1157 out double that. No bbn idea what’s going on. Still dropping dead leaves daily from the bottom up.:sleepy:

Did a heavy feed and added more ph. No changes. Flipping tomorrow and hoping for a few small buds before she croaks.