Ph or not while flushing


hi there everyone iv been growing in coco for the past five years i flush my plants every 2 to 3 weeks i use pure water with 0 TDS but i have always ph to 6.5 so i was wondering if it makes any difference if u PH or not cheers.


You grow in coco and ph your water to 6.5?


For flushing I do. Do u think that’s wrong?


I don’t know about coco I rdwc and when I flush I keep ph to a range of 5.5 to 6.5 and I don’t adjust if within range always ph to with in a range not a spef num so if I’m above 6.5 I adjust to my neutral of 6.0 same if she drops below 5.5 I add more water and even pump some out to add more fresh not ph changed water to bring her up I try not to add ph up during flush you are flushing to get chems out not to add others for ph


I’m not sure about hydro, but I’d say yeah, I’d still ph. @Donaldj should know


Flush should be in the target ph range you use entire grow but if something has always worked for you you shouldn’t be worried about changing much